What should be the preference order during seat filling and locking if I have a CRL rank of 22,993 (girl)?

  • What should be the preference order during seat filling and locking if I have a CRL rank of 22,993 (girl)?

  • Choice may differ for every candidate.

    Here are some tips which may prove helpful to you:

    • If you really love one branch, go for it irrespective of the college as long as it is a decent college. What you may think to be your passion right now may not even be remotely related to you interests few years down the line. I know people who considered their passion to be programming and joined computer science, but ended up in finance companies and banks.

    • Try to strike a balance between college and branch - I would suggest 40% to college and 60% to branch. But this is my personal opinion. An established college comes with a large number of advantages. Don’t think a branch is better than other just by seeing the cut-offs.

    • If you need insight into a particular branch, Professors and research facilities contact a senior student who has completed at least 2–3 years in the college, not someone who has just completed one year. His opinion will be largely based on what others told him and may include rumors.

    • Don’t be judgmental towards a branch or college. Don’t judge IIT Patna and IIT Dhanbad because they are in Bihar and Jharkhand. Don’t think chemical engineering is full of chemistry. Read the curriculum of various departments and the courses required to be done in every semester. Google about the course.

    • Don’t be too crazy about the brand value. Don’t neglect NITs too. Some of them are comparable with new IITs.

    • Location can be a factor while choosing, but should not be the only factor.Don’t choose a college because it is close to your home. I have visited my house only twice in my first year even though it is just 7 hours away.

    • Think about your future after graduating from the IIT too while making a decision. It is a tough task for someone who has written JEE one month ago to decide what to do after 4 or 5 years, still ask yourself. Career cell ,IIT B website may expose you to some opportunities. So if you want to do an MBA your college name/brand may matter as much your department. If you want to go for IES/IASproximity to coaching centers may be a factor.

    • Feel Free to message seniors in IIT. Most of us are online 24x7(:p), thanks to the unlimited high-speed internet. Most of us are more than happy to lend a helping hand. Talk to people who are pursuing same program in the same college you wish to attend. But read this before you message anyone -Just because someone got into an IIT don’t trust him completely. There people who fail courses and have zero idea of the curriculum.People naturally tend to be biased towards their college, branch and program.

    • Dont’t be shy towards dual degree programs. The Dual Trouble by Student Support Services, IIT Bombay provides a good analysis of this. Do give it a read before making up your mind.

    • Branch Change is possible but don’t rely on it. In your first year your grades depend a lot on luck, even if you work hard you may fail. So, don’t fill up BS Chemistry at IIT Bombay hoping that you will branch change into CSE if you have zero interest in chemistry. Branch Change : A leap of faith by Insight, IIT Bombay is worth a read.

    • Take rumors you hear from random people with a pinch of salt like- Electrical engineering is almost the same as CS, There is too much to study in electrical engineering, Mechanical is not for girls and mechanical engineering is full of physically tiring labs. I am not commenting on them because they are rumors . Apparently in the third semester at IITB mechanical ,they don’t have a single lab course. All we have is 6 theory courses. Mechanical workshop you are thinking of is a compulsory course for everyone who joins IIT Bombay.

    • If you belong to some category, feel free to use your quota. Your friends may get angry with you but don’t worry. But know that half of the class will have much better AIRs and can be much brighter than you. You may face some issues in catching up with your batch mates. You will be able to get a good branch doesn’t necessarily mean you should choose it.

    • Don’t opt for a college just because your friends are there without any genuine interest. I am sure you will be able to find a large number of friends in college of your taste and you can always stay in touch with your old buddies.

    • Do a bit of groundwork before filling choices - how old is the college?. How old is the department ? - this is something only a few people do. For example Economics in IITB is just one year old. IIT Gandhinagar started CSE in 2016–17 even though college started in 2009.Don’t care too much about advice given by random uncles and/or aunties who pop up after results.Talk to someone who has graduated or is about to graduate from your college or branch of your first preference before filling it.

    • This video by Doubtnut may help you a lot:


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