What can I get with a rank of 2000 in the JEE Advanced?

  • What can I get with a rank of 2000 in the JEE Advanced?

  • Hey buddy!!

    Congrats for clearing JEE ADVANCED 2019!

    Well, it’s a good rank. The paper was a hard nut to crack this year. It could have abolished anybody’s confidence. But, you did it.

    You seem to confuse about which college and branch to choose. First of all, make a list of colleges and branch you can get with this rank. You can check my previous answers where I’ve mentioned the cutoffs at various IITs category-wise. Your category is a major factor in deciding what you will get.

    Secondly, introspects your interests. It’s very important to study something which you enjoy. If you don’t have much interest in anything, go for the best possible branch and college you can get.

    If you got confused about anything , anytime, we, at Doubtnut, are always happy to help you!

    Check these cutoffs of top IITs:


    Watch this video by Doubtnut:


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