How difficult is JEE main?

  • How difficult is JEE main?

  • Well ,its a very interesting question and i am going to share with u all. because i had also prepared for it .

    Jee main is not exactly difficult but it is a tricky exam which involves lots of hard work and constant revision

    Sincere revision of both numerical ability,conceptual ability and keeping your cool in the actual exam will fetch u a good rank in jee main!!

    i think if you are really dedicated then nothing is difficult ,it is possible to crack the exam there is nothing like impossible but of course, u need to burn mid night oil & do lots and lots of practice, clear your basic concepts read good references and consult good teachers. and there is lots of good video lectures available which is made by IITians on Doubtnut .physics and chemistry video lectures will available soon on official website. so u can go there and solve your query.

    So JEE Exam is not difficult its a tricky !!

  • During my 12th standard:

    That’s when I really got to know what JEE is and what is it like to crack it. (I know was kinda stupid).

    Started off very scared as I had huge pressure from my father that we have to crack it no matter what.

    Started being scared and confused all the time.

    Lost all the interest and became a stupid person.

    Lots of pressure on the exam day as my father was standing outside the exam hall after the end of examination and I knew what he would ask and say.

    Result: Terrible rank of 2.5L

    During my drop year:

    Went to stay away from my parents.

    Wasn't very interested at first but soon realized that I have to study for the sake of getting into any college.

    Studied well and prepared maximum stuffs on my own.

    My father was there again on the date of examination and again the pressure was too high I completed the test and was too scared to say anything as I might get scolded.

    When he went back to Delhi leaving us in hostel I called him and told him that I might not qualify and got a reply as expected.

    He scolded so much that I totally lost myself felt as a failed person and lost all my appetite. Was so empty that couldn’t study anything for 1 month and ended up screwing all the exams.

    Results were: Qualified mains.

    Rank: 1.1L

    During my college first year:

    I just wanted to feel what its like to give JEE without pressure from anyone and to give for yourself.

    Prepared by online resources. Took part in college projects, fests, went on trips, enjoyed whole year and studied well whenever I had time.

    On the day of JEE 2018. Asked one of my college senior to take me to the center. Reached there 15 min before, and all the way I was smiling and making jokes with him. Unlike my father who always took me an hour before and kept on telling me the entire way if I don’t crack it won’t be good for me.

    Gave paper with relaxed mind.

    After paper went on lunch and enjoyed the rest of my day.

    Results came: Mains Qualified

    Rank: 85K

    You see the difference in all the three times! I am sure you did. Now you know how difficult it really is.

    Love and Cheers!

    Vartika Singh

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