How do I start preparing for the JEE Advanced 2020 to get an under 100 rank?

  • How do I start preparing for the JEE Advanced 2020 to get an under 100 rank?

  • Well, it’s not a easy task to get an under 100 rank in JEE Advanced .but somehow it’s too much time you have for preparation . if Cracking the JEE Advanced Exam needs one to have a very well-structured study strategy.

    It demands the students to be academically strong as well as have other skills like analytical skills, time management, exam taking strategy, and situational intelligence. Here are some tips to help for JEE aspirants.


    In Physics, it is important to get your basics right, understand the concepts well and ensure that you have thoroughly studied Electrostatics of a conductor. Make flashcards and notes on topics that have seen a lot of importance by exam setters in the past. Understand the important types of numericals and solve multiple problems of each type. Refer to right reference books and do not confuse yourself with innumerable book recommendations. Or, instead of browsing countless reference books, which vary in difficulty level, you can also try learning and practicing on Topper.


    For Chemistry, before you start studying Alcohols, ensure that you have thoroughly studied Hydrocarbons, Organic Chemistry, and Haloalkanes and Haloarenes. This will help you form the framework that helps you understand various concepts and equations. It will also help you remember reactions more easily. Before you start making notes and diving deep into each concept, read through the chapter and understand its scope.


    This basically needs a lot of problem solving. You’ll need to have a good combination of theoretical understanding and problem-solving skills. This followed by solving problems and followed by preparing summary sheets for each chapter. At Topper, you will find all important formula in one place and practice questions for each chapter, this will help you in making your summary sheets hassle-free.

    5. Practice makes you perfect: Once you have understood the concept, go for solving question banks and test series. This is the best way to know the trend of questions to be expected at JEE. There is no way you can crack JEE by just memorizing concepts if you do not know how to apply them.

    6. Paper solving strategy: You need to identify what strategy works best for you to solve the JEE. For instance, during mocks, if solving toughest questions first, then less difficult and keeping the easiest for the last works for you then go ahead with it, otherwise find what method helps you get accurate results in shortest time.

    BOOKS: Obviously, you need a few books subsequent to your NCERT books for achieving the JEE level. So these are the books which I utilized and I prescribe.

    Mathematics for Arihant and Cengage Publication book.

    Chemistry Book like

    Physical for R.C Mukherjee,

    Organic for NCERT, M.S Chauhan, O. P. Tandon GRB publication,

    Inorganic for NCERT, Vishal Joshi sir, Narendra Awasthi, J.D. Lee.

    Physics for Cengage Publication, Amit Gupta



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