How do I study for exam if I have only 4 days left for it?

  • How do I study for exam if I have only 4 days left for it?

  • Well here are some scientific study tips that will help you to study whatever time you have left. You can apply these practically while studying in the four days you have left. These are sure to help you.

    Study sessions are most effective in small chunks: Instead of giving a long sitting for 10 hours, what you can do is, try and study for an hour 10 times a day. This won’t tire your brain and you will be able to study more effectively.
    Use flash cards instead of highlighting in books: Studies have shown that passively reading books for hours or just highlighting the topics in the book is really ineffective. It doesn’t help you to link stuff in the brain. So a handy trick is to make some flash cards that will help you to link everything you read together.
    Specific goal for each study session: Well there always must be a specific goal for your every study session. Instead of aimlessly studying, pick one aspect you will focus on and work on that.

    Try to pass on what you learn: Studies have shown that when one is expected to teach stuff, he understands the main points more effectively. So just learning for ones own sake might not help, but when you know that you have to teach it to someone else, you might just understand things better.

    Practice, practice, practice: This is the most obvious advice and most of the people might tell you this. Not only do practice tests put your brain in the environment, but even if you make mistakes, they help identify gaps in your knowledge. Practice tests have also been shown to increase confidence, thereby leading to better performance.

    Make a study spot: Studies show that, having a dedicated spot to study that might have every tool you need is best.

    Put away your phone: Well this should go without saying, you need to put away your phone while studying. This is the biggest distraction that you can possibly have. Getting rid of your phone will automatically increase your score.

    I hope this will help you to get a better result. All the best.

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