What is your strategy while preparing for the JEE in a drop year?

  • What is your strategy while preparing for the JEE in a drop year?

  • Well I was a dropper too. In my first year, i wasn’t even able to clear the JEE cut off in my first year. So i had no option but to drop an year.

    My drop year was successful, i am in IIT Kharagpur right now with the CSE branch.

    So i guess i am well qualified to answer this question.

    Here is the strategy i followed:

    Build a base: I know you might have already read the NCERT once, but trust me, before you start your preparations, it’s best if you could read the NCERTs again. That will give you a good clarity of base and a fresh concept.
    Read the correct books: You need to pick the right books from the market. You cannot go on following just any books, you need to folloe the ones which have produced results before too. So here are the books which i used:
    Math: NCERT, Arihant Series, Cengage series, KC Sinha, ML Khanna. Use the Doubtnut app if you have any doubt in the questions of any of these books.
    Physics: NCERT, Resnick Halliday. HC Verma, DC Pandey
    Chemistry: NCERT, NCERT Exemplar

    Previous year papers: Solving the previous year papers, will give you experience with some question patterns that have been asked in the past. This will be really helpful. You will know your level too and gain a lot of confidence.

    Mock tests: At the end, all that matters in practice. The more you practice, the better your score will be. You need a lot of question practice and paper solving practice and mock test papers are the best way to do so.
    Analyze your mistakes: Now this is the most important step. You need to revisit the mock tests you solved and see the questions which you attempted wrong or which you left. You need to correct those. This will prevent you from making the same mistakes in the exam.
    This is the the strategy i followed and i think this will produce results as well.

    I hope it helps. All the best.

  • As a dropper you have a good amount of time to prepare for JEE Mains 2020. You just need to create a good preparation plan and divide your time accordingly. You need to be dedicated and have to set proper goals. To create a proper and successful preparation plan you need to take into account the exam syllabus, pattern, books, practice, mock tests, revision and more. I am going to give you the best JEE Mains preparation tips and all the information you need to formulate a proper strategy.

    Here are the best preparation tips for cracking JEE Mains:

    • You need to know the weightage of every chapter.

    • Prepare a timetable accordingly. You have to divide the months and dedicate them to a particular Chapter or Chapters.

    • You have to concentrate on the curriculum of the 12th Board exams for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, you can start by reading the NCERT books because its language is simple and easier to understand. This will create a strong base for your preparation.

    • You need to create short notes of important points and formulas for memorizing and revision.

    • You need to try to understand every problem conceptually.

    • You should not look at the solution directly without attempting the question at least 2 times.

    • When you are finished with the NCERT books you can move on to higher level books which have better and difficult questions like HC Verma, DC Pandey and OP Tandon.

    • Sample papers are the quickest way of determining which subject or which topic requires special attention and to know where you stand. So try to solve as many sample papers, mock tests, or other test series as yo can.

    • You need to dedicate at least 5 hours a day for IIT JEE Preparation.

    • Don’t let the doubts pile up, try to solve them as soon as possible and whenever you think you have hit a wall on a topic, you can contact us or go to our Doubtnut app, where you will get all your doubts cleared within seconds.

    • If you want good marks at the exam then you should know that speed and accuracy are key factors to it. You should practice mock test or other test series to enhance your speed and accuracy, this will also help you to get familiar with the exam pattern and will increase your confidence.

    • You need to keep in mind that quality matters more than quantity and you cannot read every book.

    • You have to ensure that you have scheduled revision time in the plan.

    • There is no need to worry about the examination while preparing for it. Keep yourself focused on one thing.

    • Take care of your health by having a proper diet and study breaks, don’t over burden yourself.

    You can crack JEE Mains 2020. You just need to follow the instructions I have given you and create a proper strategy and follow that strategy with motivation. The key behind success in the IIT JEE is not covering all topics but mastering all the topics covered.

    If any doubts arise or you need study material for JEE Mains preparation feel free to go on our Doubtnut app. There you will find solutions to many problems and you can also get video solutions through our whatsapp bot, you only need to send us a picture of your doubt and you will get a video solution for it in seconds.

    Remember, We at Doubtnut are always there for you 🙂

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