How did you prepare during your drop year?

  • How did you prepare during your drop year?

  • Well let me give you some background first. I was an average student for most of my school life.

    I scored 8.6 in my 10th class and 84% in my 12th class. This is quite an average score. Then i wasted my 11th and 12th class too and did not prepare for the JEE at all. So I had no other option but to drop an year.

    But after dropping an year, I somehow managed to get into the IIT and that too with CSE branch.

    So i will be sharing my strategy here, the way i studied and the books i followed in my drop year. That should give you an idea of what to do.

    NCERT books: The NCERT books are very very under rated. Let me tell you that these books are amazing when it comes to clearing your base. Sure they seem easy, but it’s easy that you want in the beginning to get a good enough base and concepts. So the first step is always to read your NCERT books.
    Books to be followed: Here are the books that I used for my practice. These are the books which i think are the best in the market right now.

    Math: Arihant Publication, Cengage Publications, KC Sinha, ML Khanna
    Chemistry: NCERT, NCERT exemplar
    Physics: Resnick Halliday, HC Verma, DC Pandey

    Previous year papers: After solving all these books, you need to get familiar with the questions that have been asked in the paper in past. You need to check the level of the questions and the question should get printed in your brain so that if it is repeated by any chance, you can answer it and score 4 marks in that.

    Mock test series: It’s best if you can get some practice before actually solving the paper. So try and solve as many mock tests as possible. You need to realize that practice is more important than anything else in your preparation.
    This is the strategy to be followed.

    Also here are some tips that are definitely going to help you:

    Clear all your doubts as soon as you have them.
    Keep a calm mind.
    Leave SOCIAL MEDIA for an year.
    Give at least 2 hours to math everyday.
    Do not be scared of chemistry. Make it your best friend.
    Make up a good revision plan.
    I think all this will make sure that you definitely get a below 500 rank in your exam.

    All the best.

  • Being a dropper is not always easy you have a lot to prove to a lot of people, but if you are planning to drop a year then I would suggest you that you must make sure that dropping a year is the best decision for you and once you have made this decision make sure you get the result you desire this time.

    The first thing I could say to any dropper is that his approach towards learning things should be like a dropper but his attitude for learning them should be like a fresher. He must not avoid any concept thinking he already knows about it but he should make sure he spends more his time practicing he couldn’t get right the first time and making sure that he gets enough questions daily to keep him as active for the exam.

    Books are without any doubt the best way anyone can prepare and following I have mentioned the best books you can get in the market to achieve your goal:


    Concepts of Physics by HC Verma Vol-1 and Vol-2 : These books really helps students at the beginners level, where they are new to concepts and problems, questions in these books aren’t really helpful to get you through JEE but if you are looking to build a rhythm for you then surely these can help you into making a good routine for yourself

    Understanding Physics of ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISM: DC Pandey is the author of this wonderful book and by far it has been the best ranked book by the topers.

    Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced OPTICS & MODERN PHYSICS by DC Pandey: DC Pandey has written books for different specific topics and for optics and modern physics This has to be one of the best book available in the market

    Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced WAVES & THERMODYNAMICS: If your waves and thermodynamics are struggling and you are looking for a book which can not only give you quality questions but will also provide you with enough text for concept clearing then I believe DC Pandey is the answer for you

    Concepts of Modern Physics (SIE): This book is authored by Arthur, Sobita Mahajan and S. Rai Choudhury, this book without a doubt has to be a must have book for JEE aspirants, no other book I believe explains the concept of modern physics better than this.

    Physics Vol-1 and Vol-2 : written by Resnick Halliday this is a great book for theory and non trivial problems and without any doubt has to be one of the best book available.


    New Pattern Textbook of Physical Chemistry: for Competitions (JEE Main & Advanced) Vol-1 and Vol-2: the best book for physical chemistry for any competitive exam that you will find in any market or so

    Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by: one of the best book given by RC Mukherjee is one of the top book for clearing any competitive exam

    Numerical Chemistry 22/e: P Bahadur has given this one of the best book for student looking to crack JEE, and this book has been recommended by many top rankers

    Organic Chemistry by Robert Thornton Morrison: This is the best possible book for organic chemistry and students sometimes opt for OP Tondon and I believe this book can be given preference over any other book for organic chemistry

    Concise Inorganic Chemistry: by JD Lee a great book for inorganic chemistry. This book will help you to achieve the conceptual knowledge of the subject rather than encouraging cramming of different topics


    RD Sharma class 11th and RD Sharma class 12th: Students mostly underestimate the value of school level books and fail to understand that these school level books are actually the ones which lays the foundation for your learning years and the rhythm which students often can’t find even after so many years are actually build up by these

    Co-ordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE: authored by SK Goyal is indeed a very good book for coordinate geometry and it has an excellent quality of subjective questions.

    Differential Calculus for IIT-JEE: calculus is without any doubt is one of the most important topic in the Maths and this book explains calculus like no other and without a doubt is the best book for learning calculus

    COURSE in MATHEMATICS for IIT-JEE (TMH): In maths the more you practice the more you learn method is preached and when it comes to problems soliving this book provides students with the best problems for JEE level.

    In today’s world preparing traditional ways of joining coaching not only frowned upon but the amount of time get wasted during some necessity tasks like travelling, a considerable amount of your time is taken up by such tasks, and after that there are certain limitation to the availability of your teacher that why I believe, online education portals are much more practical, and efficient, but now there are number of these portals as well, how do you choose the right one for you.
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