Which book is the best for understanding the concept of physics for the IIT JEE?

  • Which book is the best for understanding the concept of physics for the IIT JEE?

  • Hey there!

    Well if you saw the JEE Advanced 2019 paper, clearing the concepts of physics is a major task.

    Most of the questions this year were concept based and as a result, the students found it difficult to understand those.

    So it’s expected that next year too, the level of the paper will be a little high specially in physics.

    That being said, here are the books you need to follow for building a strong base and have a lot of practice of questions too.

    NCERT: I know physics NCERT is considered useless by most, but try it. It will give you some in depth knowledge that you are going to need in your exam.
    Resnick Halliday: It’s probably the best book to build up your concepts. You can solve the questions too, but the reason i am a fan of this book is it’s theory. The clarity of concepts that it gives is amazing.
    HC Verma: This is the most recommended book. But I think it’s theory is not worth reading. It’s better just to solve questions from this book and read the theory from the Resnock Halliday book.
    DC Pandey: It’s not a book to give you knowledge of concepts, but instead it’s good for giving you the practice of questions from a basic level to the JEE level.
    These are all the books i think you need to follow.

    All the best. I hope it helps. And if you agree with the selection, do upvote.

    Here, watch this video. This might help too.


  • If you want to master physics for the JEE exam then you should know that Physics is an application based subject, that means that it will require a lot of practice and problem solving.

    IIT JEE is one of the toughest competitive engineering exam in our country. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Therefore if you are aiming for a good score then you should start your preparation early and create a proper preparation strategy. There are many books that you can refer for JEE Physics preparation but you should keep in mind that quality matters more than quantity and you cannot read every book. I will tell you some of the most important books you need to refer as well as some study tips that you need to keep in mind while preparing for JEE Physics.

    Here are some of the important books that you need to refer for JEE Physics preparation:

    • Physics NCERT books of class 11th and 12th. The language of NCERT books is simple and easy to understand, this will help you in understanding the concepts of physics and create a strong base for your preparation.

    • HC Verma Concepts of Physics 1. The theory in this book is written in a short and comprehensive way which will help you in creating short notes for memorizing and revision. It also contains a lot of MCQ problems which are conceptual and not that difficult.

    • DC Pandey Understanding Physics JEE Main and Advanced 14th edition. The book is lengthy but contains a lot of examples, graded exercises and problems. It covers both objective and subjective questions and also contains solutions and hints for questions.

    • Resnick Halliday. People call this book the Bible of physics. Its theory portion is better than any books. The language of this book is tricky but if you want to learn physics deeply and have time, this is the best book for you.

    • Cengage Physics for JEE Advanced by BM Sharma. This book is a jack of all trades because it contains JEE problems from HC Verma, DC Pandey, Irodov, Resnick Halliday and many more. It contains a large variety of well selected problems (more than 2600 problems). But it does not contain solutions to the problems.

    • IE Irodov Problems in General Physics. This book is recommended all around the world for International Olympiad preparation and contains advanced level problems with a large variety. If you have understood all the concepts and want to move on to some difficult questions then you should refer to this book.

    • Pathfinder for Olympiad and JEE Advanced Physics by Arvind Tiwari and Sachin Singh. This book contains very difficult problems and is even harder than IE Irodov. It challenges your knowledge in physics and your problem solving skills. You can refer to this book if you are confident in your knowledge and preparation level.

    When you are reading these books and solving problems from these books, you are bound to get some doubts or queries and you might get stressed when you feel you have hit a wall on some topics.
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  • Physics has always been one of the most interesting subjects in IIT JEE and other engineering entrance exams preparation. A survey was conducted in 10 IIT’s amongst the IIT students who cleared IIT JEE. The results clearly tilted in favor of physics as around 50% of students consider physics as the most interesting subject under IIT JEE. Physics is followed by mathematics 30% and then chemistry 20%
    A total of 30 questions out of 120 marks have always been asked in JEE Main. Here, I am providing some important tips and tricks which will help jee aspirants to score maximum marks in JEE Main
    Here are the study tips to master Physics for JEE.

    1. Your prime focus should be to understand the basics and concepts of the subject rather than memorizing the formulas.
    2. Pay attention especially to the derivations because complicated questions can be solved using the basics only.
    3. Try to visualize topic especially in class 12th topics electrodynamics, optics, and modern physics. They are the scoring areas for you too.
    4. I never solved H.C. Verma but every teacher recommends it so you can start off with it.
    5. For JEE advanced problems you can go for the Arihant series or Cengage series (I did both of them). Best Reference Books for JEE given below
    6. But the best way to master physics is by solving your coaching institute material because they provide you with a compact package of high-quality questions.
    7. Attempt past year questions in the later stages of your JEE preparation only.
    8. Self-study through video lectures or quality e-books will help to do better
    9. Continuously track your performance & work over the weak topics

    IIT JEE Physics demands a different approach and a separate methodology. Hence, a regular revision will make you confident to tackle such type of problems with much better speed and accuracy as these abilities will play a significant role in the success of students in this competitive exam.

    Important chapters for IIT JEE Physics
    The JEE Main 2020 preparation for Physics must include these topics as every mark counts and these topics count too.

    1. Magnetics-. JEE Main in 40 Days book by ARIHANT, Understanding Physics for JEE Main are books that will help you sail through
    2. Electromagnetic Induction and AC- numerical problems from this topic are asked in JEE Main. Brush up Faraday’s Law while studying this. Cover the concepts of Physics by H C Verma to get better in this topic.
    3. Current Electricity- Ohm’s law, color code for resistors, characteristic of ohmic and nonohmic conductors are topics that need to be emphasized on. Use Concepts of Physics by H C Verma to get better in this topic.
    4. Waves- Topics like the principle of superposition of waves, simple harmonic motion (S.H.M) and its equation, Doppler Effect in sound are scoring topics. Give some more importance to them Last but not least
      The topics given below are not placed very high in the reading order but it is always advisable to read them at least once and know the concepts.
      • Physics and measurement
      • Dual nature of matter and radiation
      • Communication system
      • Gravitation
      • KTG

    Best books for IIT JEE Physics
    These are the best books for Physics that will help you in your preparation for JEE Mains:

    1. HC Verma – Concepts of Physics (Part I and 2)
    2. IIT JEE Physics by DC Pandey
    3. Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov
    4. Physics book for IIT-JEE- Resnick, Halliday, Walker.
    5. Problems in Physics- S.S. Krotov
    6. 37 years previous years question bank
    7. Ncert book is a must.
      Good luck

    Cheers and Love
    Vartika Singh

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