What can I do after taking a drop for the JEE and not getting any better?

  • What can I do after taking a drop for the JEE and not getting any better?

  • Well JEE is not an easy exam. But you need to understand that it should not be the ultimate goal of your life.

    What happens if you do not clear it? It’s just a phase of life. After 3–4 years, you would look back at this time and just laugh it away because it’s not going to matter any more.

    There are over 10,00,000 JEE aspirants every year and i think 1,00,000 of them get into government colleges. Over 9,00,000 students are left to choose from private colleges and what is the harm in that?

    There are so many good options, may be they are a little expensive, but they do make a good career for you. You can get into colleges like the VIT, or SRM or BITS if you could clear there exams. Then if you just qualify the JEE cut of, you might get some decent branches in other good colleges like the Thapar, or the Jaypee. There are so many more options.

    Trust me when I say this, IIT or NIT, it’s not the end of the road. There is a whole world after that. You can make a career for yourself with any college. It’s you and your talent that matters.

    Sure you will be thinking that she is an IITian and it’s easy for her to say, but let me tell you one thing. Here in IIT it’s not all roses and gardens. It’s pretty tough being an engineering student here too.

    The only thing better in IIT than other engineering college is that here you get good companies visiting for placements. If you are good enough, you can apply for the job interview on your own without the assist of college. You will get the job if you deserve it.

    I hope this helps you. All the best for your future, where ever you end up.

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