What is the analysis of the JEE Advanced 2019 by experts?

  • What is the analysis of the JEE Advanced 2019 by experts?

  • The overall analysis of the JEE Advanced paper is that this year the paper was very tough. The toughness of the paper was quite comparable to the mighty 2016 paper. The paper was lengthy and there were some changes in the pattern as well.

    The paper was for 372 marks instead of 360.
    There was -1 marking instead of -2.
    Math was the highlight of the paper.
    It was very tough and lengthy and most of the questions were concept based.
    In the paper 2 however, the math got a little easier.
    Physics section was moderate.
    The questions asked focused on testing the concepts of the students and therefore, student found the questions hard to tackle.
    Chemistry was easiest.
    It was easy to score, however in the paper 2, chemistry questions got a little tricky.
    The maximum questions were from the class 12th syllabus.
    Overall the paper sums to be quite difficult and hard to tackle.

    I hope this helps.

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  • On 27th may 2019 JEE advance was conducted by one of the most prestigious institute of the country, IIT Roorkee and the most popular opinion regarding the paper has to be that it was way more difficult than the past year, I will tell you about the section wise difficulty and then over all difficulty level of the exam
    This year maximum marks for the exam was 372and for each paper marks were 186, and yes this year question paper was much lengthy and calculative and students faced big problem due to that but if we compare the question paper section wise you will find it was really balanced after all.

    Physics: this year physics section not only checked what applicants know but also they don’t know, this year physics section was dependent a lot on the JEE aspirants choices of the questions he decides to attempt, because questions were really tricky and lengthy and you can not waste your time on questions you are not sure about because even if you could get yourself to attempt an unsure answer then trust me, negative marking can hurt you real bad, seriously students who didn’t get stuck difficult questions and devoted their time to the questions they were sure about were benefited majorly, that is why JEE is one of the most competitive exam of the country, because they not only check your knowledge but also your ability to make quick decision, but yes, physics section was really lengthy and there were really complex calculation, and I believe the difficulty level was moderate here

    Maths: I found JEE Advance 2019 maths section to be the most difficult one of all, because maths section was unexpectedly lengthy, student were in constant confusion to leave a question mid-way or to continue it, because every question took a decent amount of time from the students. Also Determinants and Matrices were given a really high preference over other, IIT Roorkee surely showed their love for the maths. Algebera and co-ordinate geometry question demanded a lot of time from students and this certainly did affect their speed and result as well, in paper 2 especially was exceptionally tough.

    Chemistry: if any section which gave students and hope for scoring the most marks was without any doubt has to be chemistry, about 70-80 percentage of questions were doable by the students and, frankly, I believe that chemistry section was the only section where all the topics were covered from physical to organic to inorganic, but questions from organic chemistry were way way less that of physical or inorganic. Yes, Chemistry was comparatively easy than the others but what I believe is that only those who prepared good for the exam and devoted their time studying could find it easy for others it was as tough as physics or maths.

    Surely, JEE 2019 was really unexpected one and no one really imagined it to be that surprising , this years question paper not only checked knowledge but calmness and decision making as well.
    This years paper was surely unexpectedly tough, but I don’t want any JEE 2020 aspirant to feel dishearted of less confident, everyone needs to under stand that you can never control the question paper but you can always control your preparation therefore you must study in a way that no matter what but you could not be bothered by any type of questions.

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