Should I take drop only to clear jee?

  • Should I take drop only to clear jee?

  • See I won’t say that you should take a drop, but in my opinion, there is no harm in doing that. I did that too. Of course there will be people telling you otherwise, or there will be some people looking down upon you, but if you can look past them and keep on with your preparation, I think you will do good in your dropped year.

    Let me tell you about my dropped year. I was a very average student in my school life. I scored only 8.6 in my class 10th and 84% in my class 12th boards. These are very average marks and nothing too special. I also wasted my 11th and 12th class and did not prepare for JEE at all. I was very bad at my basics. So i did not have an option. I had to drop an year.

    In my dropped year i had to study for 9–10 hours everyday to be able to clear all my concepts in the first 2 months. Time was very less and I had to give it my all to be able to clear all the concepts in 2 months. Then i prepared from some books suggested by my teachers. I practiced daily. I worked really hard. That’s what i am trying to say here.

    So you see the point is, there is no harm in dropping an year. The main thing to remember is that, drop a year only and only if you are confident that working hard, you can clear the exam. There is no point if you just waste an year of your life. So drop, only if you feel you can do it.

    All the best.

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