Should I take a drop after class 12?

  • Should I take a drop after class 12?

  • Well I won’t say that you should, but in my opinion there is no harm in doing that. Sure there will be some people who will look down at you, laugh at you in your dropped year. If you can look past all that, i think it’s worth dropping an year. I did that too.

    I was a very average student in class 12th and did not do well at school at all. My score in 12th boards was bad, and i did not prepare for the JEE Mains and advanced exams at all. So i had no other option but to drop an year and prepare for the exam.

    That went well for me. I ended up joining CSE in IIT Kharagpur. All you need in the dropped year is an ability to ignore what people think and enough determination to work hard and prove every one that one year is a good enough time.

    One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot waste an year of your life. So take a drop only and only if you think that you will be able to clear the exam in the next year. You have to be confident your self before taking this decision.

    Obviously, there has to be a strategy to be made for clearing the exam. Here are some tips for clearing the exam. You can follow these in your dropped year.

    Do not ignore chemistry.
    Build up a strong base (Read the NCERT)
    Solve good question banks
    Clear your Doubts. If there is any question which you are not able to solve, you can check the solution on Doubtnut app.
    Solve previous year papers.
    Solve mock tests.
    Do not give up in between.
    I hope this helps you. All the best.

  • Being a dropper is not always easy you have a lot to prove to a lot of people, but if you are planning to drop a year then I would suggest you that you must make sure that dropping a year is the best decision for you and once you have made this decision make sure you get the result you desire this time.

    The first thing I could say to any dropper is that his approach towards learning things should be like a dropper but his attitude for learning them should be like a fresher. He must not avoid any concept thinking he already knows about it but he should make sure he spends more his time practicing he couldn’t get right the first time and making sure that he gets enough questions daily to keep him as active for the exam.

    One of the principle prerequisites for procuring a seat in prestigious autonomous public institutes of higher education like IITS, NITs is clearing JEE Main. In the meantime, JEE is considered as an apex undergraduate engineering examination and holds a lot of value. It is pivotal for an aspiring engineer to ace JEE Main, hence, it is important to systemize the perfect JEE Mains preparation strategy.

    JEE MAINS 2020 is the next sought after goal for aspirants, striving to make it into the big league educational institutes. Many students begin their JEE Mains preparations a lot in advance, alongside their conventional studies.

    JEE MAINS 2020 preparations

    JEE MAINS preparations require above nominal efforts due to the very high competition and gradually increasing enrollment year after year. It is imperative for a student to comprehensive knowledge, understanding and a knack for Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. In order to contrive an effective JEE Mains preparation Strategy one must have thorough knowledge of the syllabus including the categorization and the dissemination of weightage.

    JEE Mains preparation pointers

    Know your syllabus: Prior to even beginning, ensure you have an in-depth knowledge of what the syllabus constitutes of.

    Categorize subject matter: While studying, categorize the syllabus as per its weightage and further as per your proficiency, divide your study time between topics you don’t know at all and topics you need to perfect with revision.

    Mock test it till you make it: Revision is a very important part of preparations, no matter how proficient you think you are, keep revising, attempt as many mock tests as you possibly can, it doesn’t just help you revise but also helps you with the time management.

    Be in JEE Mains’ good books: In addition to the NCERT books, refer to additional books, the more you comprehend the more clarity you will acquire.

    Don’t exhaust yourself: Studying requires concentration and an open mind, you must take short break between extensive study hours, let your brain relax to let it retain as much as it can.

    Get used to the exam pattern: Make yourself familiar with the examination patter and marking scheme, don’t let yourself be taken aback while appearing for the exam.

    To get the better understanding you can always use books, here I am suggesting some books you can read my another article

    Best books for JEE Preparation

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  • @Shubham-Bali
    No you should prepare for future opportunities and exam Not should take rest Time Will not wait for you

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