Which is the best online study app for class 11 and 12 CBSE?

  • Which is the best online study app for class 11 and 12 CBSE?

  • Hey Buddy!

    Studying alone and getting bored?

    Thinking of taking a short nap which would last 3–4 hours:p

    I can totally relate to this.

    Bro, switch to group study. The best advantage of group study is we can get our doubts solved instantly. Any of our friends studying with us solve our doubts and make it possible for us to study smoothly. The second advantage is , there may be little fun after a serious round of study , so that the students don’t get bored.

    There are many apps for group study . I suggest you trying Doubtnut. There is a doubtnut whatsapp group where you can ask doubts and get them solved from someone in the group. Sometimes, there is unnecessary traffic in the group and it disturbs the people who really want to study.

    So, Doubtnut has taken an worth-appreciating initiative to solve this problem. It has launched a whatsapp number:

    8400 400 400 .

    You just have to send the picture of your maths doubt and a whatsapp bot will connect to you instantly and provide you with the video solution of your queries.

    Believe me , nothing can beat this. It’s the best.


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