Is there any NIT which is better than an IIT?

  • Is there any NIT which is better than an IIT?

  • Right now many of the old NITs are better than new IITs. And the reason is simple: TIME.

    It requires a great amount of time build an institute, to improve the infrastructure, to build brand name, to build alumni network etc. These are things which requires time and effort from both students and authorities.

    Currently many IITs are just few years old like IIT Gandhinagar or IIT Hyderabad. No matter how much hard they try they will be behind (for some time at-least) few old NITs like NIT Trichy in terms of Quality of teaching (experienced profs make a lot of difference), Placements, or even organizing college fests.

    If you are not obsessed with IIT tag, then I would advice you to opt for an old NIT with a branch of your choice. This will offer you fully equipped labs, experienced faculty, senior batches to guide you properly, and an already strong brand name with respect to new IITs.

    All the best. 🙂

  • Both NITs and IITs are great and most prestigious group of institutions, there is for technical studies in India, making any decision deciding which one to join can be extremely overwhelming to be honest. Yes, there are some NITs which are better than some IITs, IITs are surely considered to be the best among any institute there is in India, but if we look at some NITs which have been established for a long time we can see, some NITs are just extremely good with their academic records and most students if opt for them over IITs.

    Time is the one of the main reason why some of the NITs are better with most of the IITs, it requires a good amount of hard work, time, and dedication to build an institute, to improve the infrastructure, to build alumni network, and the most important to establish a brand name. a collective effort from both students, teachers, and management authorities are required along with time to establish a name for the institute.

    New IITs like IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Hyderabad are just few years old and they can not be expected to reach the level of excellence like other IITs in just few years, I mean, you can not compare the two, one has been established for over a hundred years now and the other one is just too young for any comparison. NIT Trichy which has been established since the British is one of those institute which is just extremely good and is far better than most of IITs, NIT Kurukshetra is the best college for engineering there is in entire North region.

    Clearly these institute are of the highest level and you need to prepare them in the right way, because half hearted preparation will take you nowhere, you must be consistence with your preparation, so here are some tips which I believe would help you immensely in your preparation journey.

    Time management: everyone stresses this one particular aspect and that is time management and without any doubt everyone is correct but students mostly confuses time management with separating time for there leisure activities and study time when they should be denoting times for different topics.

    Move past the distractions: when you dream to crack an exam like JEE you can not afford any sort of distraction in your way, and no matter how big or small the distraction is you must make sure you do not lose your focus. One of the biggest reasons for distraction can be peer pressure, students are so much focused on observing what their fellow mates are doing that they lose focus on their study and end getting confused, therefore they must keep belief on their approach and their methods.

    To Find Quality Exercises: Time management and distractions are surely secondary aspects for a student preparing for JEE, the most important thing for him would be to find good quality content which can actually provide him with questions and exercises those are worth his time, and I would suggest everyone one amazing online portal I came across recently “Doubtnut”, on Doubtnut I found good online lectures, number of practice exercises, they even have sample paper from previous years along with formula sheets which really helps a student with understanding the level of JEE questions.

    Here are some books which I believe can be beneficial

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