Why should I join IIT Guwahati?

  • Why should I join IIT Guwahati?

  • Below listed are few things which I experienced after joining IITG :

    • Beauty - IITG is rated as one of most beautiful campuses in our country by many websites. It spends nearly 1crore INR annually for its beautification. Enjoy watching water bodies, greenery, mountains, architecture etc. spread over 700acres of land. (you’ll even get a bunch of likes for posting an ugly picture with some cool background in it!)

    • Internet speed - Net speed is amazing as you can watch a 4K video without buffering within the campus even when your hotspot is being used by others. There are few restrictions though. (careful as your marks will come down at a higher speed with most of the time being spent on internet!)

    • Fests - Alcheringa being one of the finest cultural fests in the country will send some shivers down your spine! Watch out for Techniche too. (keep watching, organising and enjoying them as your sem passes by with shocking grades!)

    • Clubs - Many clubs have very good and active participation that you won’t regret joining and working in them. They organise many events like hackathons, music events, dances, dramas, lectures etc. to keep student community enthusiastic. (IITG ka tempo bhi high hai!)

    • DC hubs - Official torrents of national institutes! Download ANYTHING at a whooping speed of mostly 10mbps. (watch out for dc chats where jungli jawaani arises from users)

    • Tourism - As it is located in the Northeast part of India it has some great tourist spots around. Shillong, Cherrapunji, Mawlynnong, Dawki, National parks & sanctuaries, Tenga Velley, Tawang, Dzukou valley, Monasteries, Gangtok etc. are a few places to name. (money runs out faster than Usain Bolt in these matters!)

    • Bus services - Frequent bus services from campus to Guwahati city and back from city to campus are available. Bus services within the campus from hostels to academic blocks are also available. Buses for special events like fests, during vacations (to railway stations) are arranged. (sometimes missing the bus motivates us to wake up and get ready for lectures, because we are lazy!)

    • Single rooms - You will be allotted single rooms with lan port and furniture from 1st year itself unlike most of the other campuses. (indirectly indicating - learn to be single from the beginning itself as no girl will come into your engineering life!)

    • Women - Almost all women look beautiful as fashion in Guwahati has a considerable priority. Watch out for their dressing, makeup, physique etc. (respect them orelse guys have good physique too..your bones might get dismantled! - just kidding)

    • Sports and games - Courts and grounds are well maintained and large in size and numbers (10 badminton courts, 3 volleyball courts, 3 basketball courts etc.). (large in competition for getting into inter-IIT as well!)

    • Education and placements are good as well if you take out some time to study regularly and maintain a decent CPI (above 7.0). Then you can freely use the above services (people with less CPI use them extensively as they don’t like to waste the precious services provided to them by the campus - marks tho nahi le sakte profs se, kam se kam campus ka faaida lenge!).

    Hope this suffices to make someone join IIT Guwahati.

    All the best !!!

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