How do I study maths for the class 12 boards? I'm not getting anything which makes me negative from the inside, also my doubts are not getting clear intuition. I have lost my confidence and interest in maths. How should I build self-confidence?

  • How do I study maths for the class 12 boards? I'm not getting anything which makes me negative from the inside, also my doubts are not getting clear intuition. I have lost my confidence and interest in maths. How should I build self-confidence?

  • Hey bro!

    Don’t loose hope.

    Maths is very interesting and needs a lot of mind boggling sometimes. IT’s ,my personal favorite.

    Actually, doubts are the biggest hindrance in the study process. When our doubts don’t get cleared, the topic become uninteresting and very tough for us. We just gradually loose the interest in that subject.

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  • Class 12th is without any doubt is one of the biggest milestone there is in any students life, class 12th open up the doors to a student’s future endeavors, if pursued right most choices determine the future career paths for many students, this why it becomes extremely important for a student to pursue thing in the right way.

    What to learn is always secondary but the most important thing has to be, how to learn, students often pile up too much pressure which most time end up hurting their preparation, and the score suffer because of that, all the negative thoughts you have been receiving you must find way to overcome them.


    It is easy to lose your focus over things when you don’t get the desired result, the first thing I would suggest you is to start slow, first challenge for you is to take up NCERT books, NCERT books helps you build a rhythm for solving problems, which is very necessary you will get to know about your speed of learning, if you face any doubt on the way you can always check Doubtnut app for the solutions, the best video answers will help you learn things at a much better pace, and eventually you will see yourself moving ahead of competitions attempting questions you never did before.

    There are few steps you could follow to get past all these negative thoughts and can build good confidence.

    Avoid Distractions

    Preparation for JEE Exams is demanding! Keep all the distressing components like mobile phones and gaming console etc. at associate arm’s length. Stay away from social networking sites for a couple of months. however, keep yourself updated with Latest News & Notification concerning JEE Mains & Advanced 2020 exam.

    Tip - For getting relaxed throughout your break sessions, you'll be able to read the newspaper, solve brain-teasing puzzles, watch an academic TV show etc.


    When a student is working on any conceptual difficulties he needs a long sitting period with great focus so the student rectifies his every doubt. A student can not just hope to cope with the competition without being consistent with his preparation.

    Time Management

    Managing time for different subjects and everything else just so he can practice his work regularly and spare some time to pursue his hobbies, devoting equal quality time managing health, study and leisure activities is also one of many skills an aspirant required to get through the JEE exam.

    Finding More Exercises

    Any IIT aspirant can not expect the best result by only working on questions given to him by his coaching class or by different seniors but he must be ready to check every possible exercise to make sure he equip himself better, get questions from your coaching, ask for exercise from students of different coaching classes, visit different online portals like Doubtnut where you can get extra classes for references sample papers and other things.

    Keep Smiling and keep motivated

    Always have a positive mindset, you would like to become an optimistic person to crack any test in this world. Believe it that no matter you have got prepared is more than enough for exams. A positive mindset helps you to retain a lot of and you may be ready to score well in exams.

    Having said that, I have a lot of faith in following good books, books that help you grow and there are certain books available in the market which I believe would help you immensely.

    RD Sharma class 11th and RD Sharma class 12th: Students mostly underestimate the value of school level books and fail to understand that these school level books are actually the ones which lays the foundation for your learning years and the rhythm which students often can’t find even after so many years are actually build up by these

    Co-ordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE: authored by SK Goyal is indeed a very good book for coordinate geometry and it has an excellent quality of subjective questions.

    Differential Calculus for IIT-JEE: calculus is without any doubt is one of the most important topic in the Maths and this book explains calculus like no other and without a doubt is the best book for learning calculus

    COURSE in MATHEMATICS for IIT-JEE (TMH): In maths the more you practice the more you learn method is preached and when it comes to problems soliving this book provides students with the best problems for JEE level.

    These books are obviously very highly recommended books for JEE aspirants but one must not put down the value of NCERT books, these books helps you built a confidence, a rhythm, and foundation that you need.

    So one must religiously follow these books and in case you make acquaintance with some doubts then you can get it solved on Doubtnut WhatsApp platform, just click a picture of your doubt and upload it on 8400400400, and within seconds you will have your answer.

  • First of all don't worry too much and keep a cool mind. An angry mind is a narrow mind and you need all your concentration towards the problem you are solving. I was in the same situation in class 12th and let me tell you keeping your cool makes a lot of difference, it lets you understand the question better and helps you in focusing on how to solve the question.

    Now lets talk about how to solve your problem, you said you are not getting anything which means that your concepts are not clear, so lets start with that.

    • To clear your concepts you should start with the maths NCERT book, you should first read the theory which will help you in understanding the usage of the chapter you are studying in real life as well as make you familiar with the formulas and how they are derived.

    • After that you should see the examples and try to understand how the problem was solved and what formulas or concepts were used to solve that type of problem and then try to solve the example by yourself and if you make some mistake then check the solution again and see what you did wrong. You should do this with 3-4 examples and after that you should start solving the examples before seeing the solutions and if your are stuck somewhere try to solve it again 2-3 times and after that check the solution.

    • When you are done with all the examples, start solving the exercises from NCERT after completing each chapter. You can find the NCERT solutions at our Doubtnut site and app.

    Now lets discuss your second problem, i.e 'Doubts'.

    • So when i was having the same problems in math i didn't have anyone who could solve my doubts. But you shouldn't worry because you can refer to Doubtnut app Doubtnut IIT JEE Mains Advanced, NCERT Math Doubts , all your doubts will be solved here, all you have to do is upload the picture of your question and you will get a video solution of your doubt instantly.

    Now lets discuss your last problem, 'building your confidence',

    • All I can say is practice Math regularly. The more you solve the more you become confident. Start with topics you find easy, then move on the topics that are moderately difficult for you and approach the topics that scare you the most at last.

    Follow my advice and i assure you that you will begin to see the difference and become a master of mathematics 😛

    Hope this helps,

    All the best !!!

    And remember, We at Doubtnut are always there to clear your doubts 🙂

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