How is Technothlon organised?

  • How is Technothlon organised?

  • It is organised by student fraternity of IIT Guwahati every year during their techfest.

    The championship is organized over 2 rounds:

    1. Prelims: a written preliminary examination which takes place in numerous schools all over India in the month of July
    2. Mains: an event based competition which is conducted at IIT Guwahati, among the top 100 students from each squad.

    The prelims will be conducted in schools which will be fixed as centres in 200+ cities all over India. You will be informed of the centres allocated for your city well in advance of the exam. For KVs, JNVs, APSs, the exam will be conducted in your schools itself.

    You can find the previous year Technothlon papers solution on Doubtnut app.


    To know further, please click on the link below

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