How is computer science at NIT Patna?

  • How is computer science at NIT Patna?

  • CSE is the best branch in NIT Patna. Undoubtedly, you can go for it.


    The placements are pretty good in CSE. In the previous session, the highest package of Rs 39.5 lakh was offered to a girl named Medha Kumari. Medha’s stream was computer science engineering. Medha has secured a job in Adobe Systems India Private Limited. Reportedly, nearly 40 students took the online test which was conducted by Adobe on the institute campus but studious girl Medha was the only student who cleared all the rounds and finally secured a job with a whopping salary package of Rs 39.5 lakhs per annum.

    This year, highest package offered was of 42 lakhs in CSE whereas the average package was 7.4 lakhs.

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  • NIT Patna is located at Bihar India, and it was earlier used to be called Bihar school of engineering and Bihar college of Engineering, it was later renamed as NIT (National Institute of Technology) in February 2004, it gained the status of a deemed university of NIT (National Institute of Technology ) on 27 December 2002. It is one of the most prestigious college in India for technical study, and obviously preparing for the best will require you to do some extra efforts.

    Engineering is one of the most competitive courses to pursue, hence there is an immense amount of competition you can see today for the admission in the good B.Tech colleges, JEE Mains is without any doubt is one of those competitive exam which needs you to have a good hold over subjects, and to get a seat in an institute like NIT you need a good score in that exam. The NIT ( National Institute of Technology are one of the most prestigious group of colleges present in India for the technical study. NITs are one of the best public institutes present in India today, getting selected here is a real hustle to be honest. Under National Institute of India Act (2007), it is now declared that all NITs or National Institute of Technology will be governed by the government of India, the National Institute of Technology Act (2007) also declared that all NITs will be considered as institute of National Importance, along with Indian Institutes of Technology.

    The following enlists NITs according to MHRD’s 2019 ranking.

    1. NIT Trichy
    2. NIT Surathkal
    3. NIT Rourkela
    4. NIT Jaipur
    5. NIT Calicut
    6. NIT Nagpur
    7. NIT Surat
    8. NIT Allahabad
    9. NIT Warangal
    10. NIT Durgapur
    11. NIT Arunachal Pradesh
    12. NIT Jalandhar
    13. NIT Bhopal
    14. NIT Hamirpur
    15. NIT Meghalaya
    16. NIT Kurukshetra
    17. NIT Silchar
    18. NIT Raipur
    19. NIT Srinagar
    20. NIT Goa
    21. NIT Jamshedpur
    22. NIT Patna
    23. NIT Delhi
    24. NIT Arunachal Pradesh
    25. NIT Puducherry
    26. NIT Sikkim
    27. NIT Nagaland
    28. NIT Manipur
    29. NIT Uttarakhand
    30. NIT Mizoram
    31. NIT Andhra Pradesh

    Clearly NIT Patna is one of the best institute there is and any one would be lucky to have to pursue their under graduate degree here, and an institute with such high prestige in any branch there is, but yes Computer Science Engineering at NIT Patna is the best course they have to offer, they have such good academic records on this, last year a student from CSE branch was offered an 39.5 lakh package from adobe.

    Sure, there are really good offers for students pursuing CSE there but there is immense level of competition there, since they have really low acceptance rate of about 2 to 3 percent, After 2007 National Institute of Technology act the seats in these colleges were increased to give lubricate the competition a little, As of 2017, the total number of seats in all 31 NITs for undergraduate programs is 19,000 and for post graduate programs is 8,050. About 8,548 of these 19,000 seats of NITs are reserved for the candidates who belonged to the General category.

    So if you wish to get into NIT Patna you must be ready prepare keeping the competition in mind, and in case of any doubt you can visit Doubtnut and get it cleared in no time.

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