What is the best online doubt solving platform for the IIT JEE?

  • What is the best online doubt solving platform for the IIT JEE?

  • Heya!

    There are a number of online platforms which have been designed to solve doubts.

    Doubts are the biggest hindrance in the learning process. They need to be solved instantly in order to not break the flow of learning.

    Doubtnut can be your doubt solving companion.

    Within a week, it will be solving doubts of physics and chemistry also.

    It has also launched a whatsapp bot. Whenever you face a doubt, just click its photo and send it on the following number:

    8400 400 400

    A whatsapp bot will reply you with a video solution of your query. Whatsapp bot feature is for maths only.

    Here is a demo:


    They upload (content development team)at least 1 video daily on their Youtube channel. You will find certain facts and figures about JEE Mains and ADVANCED too.We also have a app, link of which is given below, this will directly take you to the app camera page ( in case you have it, or app installation page in case you don't)Doubtnut IIT JEE Mains Advanced, NCERT Math Doubts - Check it once.

    Also, about the app. It’s a doubt clearing app. All you need to do here is take a snap of the question that you have a doubt in and upload it on the app. You will receive a video solution for it within seconds. If the solution of your question is not available, you can ask the experts and they will make the solutions available within 24 hours.There are over 10,00,000 question solutions on the app. You also get lot of study material for grades 6th to 12th and for your JEE Mains and Advance preparation. You just need to select the class on the app and you get the required study material.

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