Can the JEE Main topper top the JEE Advanced?

  • Can the JEE Main topper top the JEE Advanced?

  • It’s not certain that the person who has excelled in one dimension of life will excel in all other dimensions also.

    There is also expectations and possibilities that the student who has topped JEE Mains will also do something commendable in JEE Advanced too. But, the patterns change.

    A perfect example of this is JEE Mains 2017 topper, Kalpit Veerwal who set the eyeballs on him by scoring a perfect 360 in JEE Mains which is kind of mind-blowing. Everyone was expecting him to top the JEE Advanced as well. But, he was not even in the list of the first 100 rankers in CRL List. Although, his category rank was 1.

    This year, Kartikey Gupta topped JEE Advanced exam. He was among the top 10 students who scored 100 percentile in JEE Mains. He lived up to the expectations.


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