What are study habits of the most hardworking students at IITs?

  • What are study habits of the most hardworking students at IITs

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    It is a general notion that IITians are associated solely with textbooks, spectacles, and booze. This is very far from the truth (almost). IITians actually have their tentacles in many activities, leading to a pretty sweet and holistic experience. Each student, apart from visiting classes, takes active part in college groups ranging from sports (be it cricket, hockey, basketball or swimming) to arts (debating, dramatics, photography, fine arts, music, dance or even writing) to more diverse fields (robotics, National Cadet Corps, National Service Scheme, Android and Software Development groups) and much more! If that seems like a mouthful, that’s because it is. Yes, IIT is more than a bunch of classrooms and a library. What can I say? You learn something new every day.

    A typical day starts with the routine philosophical debate between the bed and attendance. While most stumble into the grandeur of the mess in the morning, there are several who hardly even make it to the morning classes! As students get through the strenuous day, there are many who actively take part in projects throughout the semester and work under professors to venture into the field of research. Many students work to contribute to their departments and to the institute in the field of science and gain several accolades and scholarships for the same.

    By 6 pm, the entire energy shifts from the lecture halls to the sports complexes; from the departments to the enthusiasm of dancing and singing; and the fierce energy of athletes and students lifting weights in the gymnasiums. Every individual tries to make the best of the world-class facilities available at the institute as a payback for the two years of torture one has to endure to avail them.

    The day doesn’t end without students and their groups laughing off their sweat with fancy dinner and occasional parties to have fun.

    Students start working towards college fests at least 3 months in advance and spend sleepless nights till 3 in the morning to strive and make the campus fests an enjoyable time for all.

    Procrastination always has a way of being a pain in the neck; and what better time to come around than during the weekends? The less ambitious of the lot always find time to head out to popular tourist destinations. Many students optimize their weekends and other free time to prepare for future examinations. Exams like GATE, CAT, and UPSC need at least 2 years of preparation and students can’t afford to sit idle after college. (Hey, I didn’t say we are the most fun people on the planet, OK? Quit judging!)

    So in case, you were wondering, that’s what takes place within the walls of the most out of reach place in the country.

    I hope you like my answer 🙂

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