How was your NEET 2019 paper?

  • How was your NEET 2019 paper

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    Without discussing this and that, let's jump to the point.

    So, this year the overall level of the NEET examination was between easy to moderate level. There were no surprises in the exam and no section was particularly difficult. The pattern was similar to that of last year.

    Most of the questions were based on NCERT textbooks. There were almost 7-8 questions directly taken from the previous year's paper and NCERT textbook. The questions were direct. An aspirant who has studied from NCERT will be able to score well in the exam.

    Now, let's do a brief sectionwise analysis of NEET 2019:-


    Out of the total 45 questions in Physics, 9 were tricky, 25 of medium difficulty level and 7 were easy. Well, some students faced some difficulty with the Physics numericals though it was an easy section all over.


    The chemistry section was of moderate difficulty level.

    In Chemistry, the questions related to chemical reactions were tricky. Out of the total of 45 questions in Chemistry, 7 were tricky, 20 were of medium difficulty level and 18 questions were easy.


    Zoology and Botany were a mix of factual and easy conceptual questions with high weight-age given to Microbes in Human welfare in Botany and cell the unit of life having in Zoology respectively.

    Biology section was the easiest but the lengthiest with 45 questions each from Botany and Zoology. Out of a total of 90 questions, 35 were easy, 45 of medium difficulty level and only 10 questions were difficult.

    So, if we talk about the most expected cutoff, then it is as follows:-

    The expected general cut off for NEET qualified would vary between 125-135. But for admissions in colleges, the cut off may vary 510-520.

    You can get a more detailed video analysis of NEET 2019 by Doubtnut:-

    I hope u liked my answer 🙂

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