Does the JEE Advanced accept the NIOS results?

  • Does the JEE Advanced accept the NIOS results?

  • Yes it is valid. Read the information bulletin of JEE and you'll find that the NIOS senior secondary certificate with minimum five subjects (PCM) is mentioned in the list of recognized boards section. So NIOS is safe as far as JEE is concerned but if you're planning to join a private university though then keep in mind that some universities have a policy of admitting regular candidates only because, to quote them ''They'll have some problems during placements''. So if you're planning to get aboard the JEE boat then chill out and study well. If you have a private univ as a backup plan then make sure that they accept NIOS candidates.

    Also, this might be a problematic situation for you while going for placement in any government college, as it is all about choosing the best.

    For example, there are two candidates, with 2 similar CV.

    So it will all come down to Board Results. A candidate with 90% in CBSE has more chance to get placed in comparison to candidate having 90% in NIOS. Reasons are pretty obvious. So to cater to this gap, do work on your CV and CGPA when the time comes.

    Cheerio 🙂

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