What makes BITSAT tougher than JEE Mains ?

  • What makes BITSAT tougher than JEE Mains ?

  • I will tell you what makes it similar to that of JEE Mains.

    • JEE mainly focuses on MATHS,PHYSICS, CHEM. whereas theres a section on English and logical in BITSAT, which makes it easier,and difficult at the same time.
      It is clearly a bias for someone who has not attended a Convent school. And for others it is easier to score marks in this section.

    • Though, number of questions are a factor, but the type of questions asked in BITS are way too easy, I did most of themaths section just by putting the options in the question.

    • Questions mostly are formula based and can be solved easily.

    • When it comes to JEE MAINS, questions are easy, but they even incorporate some difficult ones, which even makes the paper lengthy.

    • Lesser number of questions means lesser number of choices, this also hampers JEE result.

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