Can you list all the books that you used for JEE preparation ?

  • Can you list all the books that you used for JEE preparation ?

  • Physics- 1.Anyone of HCV/Resnick Halliday/University Physics
    2. NCERT
    3. Previous 40 years IITJEE Physics papers, chapterwise

    Mathematics- 1. NCERT
    2. Previous 40 years IITJEE Mathematics papers, chapterwise

    Chemistry-1. NCERT(MUST)
    2. Previous 40 years IITJEE Chemistry papers, chapterwise

    Books for more problems-

    Physics- DC Pandey New Pattern Problems in Physics, Deb Mukherjee Objective Problems in Physics, DLP/class room material of a good coaching.

    Mathematics- Subjective problems by A Das Gupta, Arihant Skills in Mathematics Series, DLP of other coachings.

    Chemistry- P. Bahadur Problems in Physical Chemistry, Solomons and MS Chauhan Organic, and OP Tandon(for problems), and DLPs as always.

    Books for Olympiads/very good rank Irodov, Krotov in Physics, SL Loney(triginometry and Coordinate Geometry) for mathematics, and JD Lee, Paula Bruice for Chemistry. You must solve the Advanced Level questions of your coaching sheet too. Leave no stone unturned for this.

    First get reviews from people and Internet and then chose which books to consult and which not.

    If you don't go to coaching, better order a DLP from a good Coaching, or use books like Arihant Skill in Mathematics, etc. in Physics and Chemistry(easily available in Market) to prepare, and be regular. Joining an offline/online test series will always help.

    I scored 108/120 in Physics ( JEE MAINS 2016)

    My personal favorite were:

    • HC Verma (for concepts)

    • Cengage Publications (for questions)

    • Resnick Halliday (for concepts)

    • NCERT ( boards)

    • DC Pandey ( questions)

    TO DOs:

    • Make a list of all the chapters you have to go through

    • Make a viable time table, and this time follow it.

    • Study for at least 6–7 hours every day ( MINIMUM)

    • Focus more on the questions rather than lengthy theories. Do not follow more than 2 books in case you are doing it on your own, and in case you are in a coaching centre, DLPs and a reference book will be enough.


  • I can suggest you one of the best books.

    H.c.verma for theroy part of physics and cengage for objective part of physics.

    R.d.sharma for theroy part of mathematics and cengage for objective part of mathematics.

    NCERT books are the best for the theroy part of chemistry. Himanshu pandey for orgaric chemistry objective part and o.p tandon for the remaining objective part of chemistry.

    If you can read this books perfectly then you can have the ability to crack the jee mains as well as jee advanced exams. If you read all this books then definitely you can crack jee mains. Hope it helps you.

    Also, since you have time constraint you can’t stay too long on doubts get them solved instatly by help or switch to online portals like Mathematics Solutions For CBSE, ICSE, IIT JEE & CENGAGE Preparation || Doubtnut where you can get your doubts solved instantly.

    Cheers and Love


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