Can you share your IIT JEE preparation strategy Which book is used for maths

  • Can you share your IIT JEE preparation strategy Which book is used for maths ?

  • This is what I did during my time of the drop!

    Make suitable changes!

    JULY TO SEPTEMBER of Class 11: Physics: Mathematical concepts used in Physics, Basic mechanics, stoichiometry. Physical Chemistry: atomic structure, chemical bonding, periodic table. Math: Algebra: number theory, progressions, quadratic equations.

    SEPTEMBER TO NOVEMBER of Class 11: Physics: mechanics, waves. Physical Chemistry: equilibrium, kinetics, heat, electrolysis, thermochemistry. Math: algebra, complex numbers, trigonometry.

    NOVEMBER to DECEMBER of Class 11: Physics: fluid mechanics, heat, gravitation. Inorganic Chemistry: gas laws, properties and metallurgy of metals and non metals. Math: analytic geometry, binomial theorem, permutations and combinations.

    DECEMBER TO MARCH: Physics: Electricity and Electrostatics. Chemistry: solutions, solids, electrochemistry, transition metals, qualitative analysis. Math: differentiation and integration.Physics: optics, magnetism, modern physics. Organic Chemistry. Math: vectors, differential equations, probability.

    MARCH to the END: Revision

    Mathematics- Subjective problems by A Das Gupta, Arihant Skills in Mathematics Series, DLP of other coachings.

    SL Loney(triginometry and Coordinate Geometry) for mathematics,

    DLPs of other coaching institutes.

    Check this out,

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