How can we join the Doubtnut WhatsApp group?

  • How can we join the Doubtnut WhatsApp group

  • Hello guys,

    First of all, let me tell you about Doubtnut in brief. Actually, Doubtnut is an interactive online tutoring platform that uses image recognition technologies, to provide solutions to some mathematical questions.

    To find the solution to a mathematics question, one has to upload an image depicting the question in mathematical signage. The app extracts text from the image and tries to match it in its database of questions that are pre-answered, having recorded video solutions. If it finds a match, then the result is provided to the user otherwise it asks the user to post their question publicly for tutors available on the platform to provide a video explaining his query. Its services are available through an Android application or its official website.

    Recently, a new feature is introduced by Doubtnut. And in that feature, one can ask maths doubt easily by sending the picture of the question. And WhatsApp bot replies instantly with most relevant solution videos regarding the question. Here is the Whatsapp number 8400400400.

    One can easily join that group by clicking here: Doubtnut Whatsapp Group

    This feature is really very easy to use. Anyone can use this feature very easily.

    You have to just Click, Send and Get your doubt solved.


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