What rank can be expected with 125 marks in the JEE Advanced 2019 under the general category?

  • What rank can be expected with 125 marks in the JEE Advanced 2019 under the general category?

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    Congrats for cracking JEE Mains 2019. But, JEE Advanced 2019 was not at all easy. Let's do some brief analysis of JEE Advanced 2019 before predicting your rank.

    JEE Advanced 2019 Paper 1 Analysis:-

    • Mathematics was the toughest and the lengthiest section.

    • In Maths, a number of questions were asked from Algebra and Coordinate Geometry.

    • Physics was of a moderate level.

    • The chemistry section was comparatively easier.

    • The physics section had more concept based questions (with calculations).

    • The overall difficulty level of Paper 1 was marked moderate.

    • Maximum weight was given to class 12 syllabus.

    JEE Advanced 2019 Paper 2 Analysis:-

    • Mathematics section was the toughest of all there sections, however, relatively easier than paper 1.

    • Questions in Maths were highly conceptual.

    • Physics section was of moderate level but easier than Paper 1.

    • Most of the questions in the Physics section were application based.

    • Chemistry section was the easiest one as was in Paper 1.

    • Now, coming to predicting the most probable cutoffs this year for JEE Advanced 2019, then the data is as follows:-



    1st CUTOFF: 118–120

    2nd CUTOFF:80–83


    1st CUTOFF: 106

    2nd CUTOFF: 74–75


    1st CUTOFF: 58–60

    2nd CUTOFF: 40–41


    1st CUTOFF: 58–60

    2nd CUTOFF: 40–41

    So, my friend, according to this data, you can qualify the JEE Advanced 2019 if you are lucky enough. Still, you should not get too high or low as these results are not the final results.

    Now, coming to predicting your rank that you could most probably score at such 125 marks in general category, then you should have a glance at the following data for the most probable rank vs marks analysis for JEE Advanced 2019:-

    Rank 10000 - Marks 122

    Rank 9000 - Marks 128

    Rank 8000 - Marks 133

    Rank 6000 - Marks 145

    Rank 4000 - Marks 160

    Rank 3000 - Marks 172

    Rank 2000 - Marks 184

    Rank 1500 - Marks 192

    Rank 1000 - Marks 207

    Rank 500 - Marks(221–223)

    So, in accordance with this data, you can score a rank of around 9500. Again, I am remembering you, these are not the final data. You could score high or low rank than this predicted rank according to the actual data.

    For more information regarding your question, you can watch the videos by Doubtnut:-



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