What is the expected rank CRL in the JEE Advanced 2019 with marks of 162/372?

  • What is the expected rank CRL in the JEE Advanced 2019 with marks of 162/372

  • Hey there!

    First of all a hearty congratulations. You cleared the JEE Advanced exam. Welcome to the IIT.

    162 is quite a decent score.

    This year’s paper was moderately difficult in my opinion. I know most of the people disagree and they think it was the toughest yet, but i think that IIT Roorkee was just trying to test the concepts and that made it difficult for the students, but let’s go with the flow. This year’s paper was the toughest.

    You might have read on most of the sites that this year the cut off will be somewhere around 125–130 marks right?

    Do not believe them!

    Trust me, this year the cut off will be way low. What these coaching institutes do is that they just calculate the 35% of the total marks and that should be the cut off but that’s not the case every year, and that won’t be the case this year too.

    This year the cut off should be around 90 marks in my opinion. It’s lower than last year due to the difficulty level.

    Here is the expected marks vs rank list for the year 2019.

    Rank 1 - 330

    Rank 5 - 315

    Rank 10 - 300

    Rank 50 - 280

    Rank 100 - 265

    Rank 500 - 220

    Rank 1000 - 205

    Rank 2000 - 180

    Rank 3000 - 170

    Rank 4000 - 160

    Rank 5000 - 150

    And that means you are scoring a rank of close to 3900. That’s decent branch and you might get any IIT you want. So all the best for that.

    I hope it helps.

    You can watch this video from Doubtnut for an expert analysis.


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