How can I score 370 in the BITSAT What resources and help books should I use I am in class 12 and dont want to drop for a year?

  • How can I score 370 in the BITSAT What resources and help books should I use I am in class 12 and dont want to drop for a year?

  • 370 is quite a big score to achieve but one year should be a good enough time. You need not drop a year for that. Just focus on your studies and stick to the course of action that i am about to tell. That should be enough.

    The first thing is to set your priorities right. When i was in 12th, i was so confused. I always thought that i had to study for competition but then, there was so much going on in school that i mainly focused on that and did not practice the competitive exams much. That was a big mistake and avoid doing that. Make BITSAT your priority and work towards that. That is the first thing.

    So now you need the right tools. I will tell you which books to use, but before that you should know what to do or where to go when you have a doubt. Having a teacher to explain is great but that teacher won’t be available all the time. So it’s best to get online help. I recommend Doubtnut. It’s a great platform to clear all your doubts and has over 10,00,000 video solutions for mathematical questions. Now when that’s done, lets see which books to use.

    Physics - Resnicl Halliday for concept, HC Verma for questions.
    Maths - RD Sharma objectives, NCERT Exemplar, Arihant Publications.
    Chemistry - NCERT and NCERT Exemplar.
    Mock tests - Arihant Publications BITSAT, Doubtnut Mock tests.
    That should be your tools.

    Now that the tools are done, you need a course of action. Do not go for it unplanned. Try studying everyday with a good action plan. Set a target and study accordingly. Try to cover 2 subjects in a day. If you go for three, that would just be forcing yourself and you won’t even grasp one. If you think you can do only one subject in a day, fine. Do that. It all depends on you. First study the basic concepts from NCERT and then go ahead and solve as many questions as possible from the recommended books.

    That’s all the advice I can give. I hope it helps.

  • Since you are preparing for BITSAT , you must be preparing for JEE also (most of the students do ) . Your JEE preparation must be thorough. For Physics , the series by DC Pandey is good. Chemistry - NCERT is the best . Search small hidden facts and make small questions from it. Maths - you may follow the book which you are following now , or can refer the set of Arihant books for JEE - they are sufficient . Once your concepts are clear , I think you’ll not need any extra book for BITSAT. I’m not saying don’t solve any other book , Arihant’s book for BITSAT is undoubtedly a good book but solve it after clarifying your concepts. Solve it as a practice book rather than a preparation book .

    Focus on your concepts first , make them crystal clear . Solve a variety of problems , so that you become confident in your JEE Preparation.

    Never ignore NCERT books . They are extremely important from the JEE and BITSAT preparation point of view . Many times they frame questions based directly based on the NCERT text.

    You must also join an online test series . This is the most important part of BITSAT prepartion . Many institutes provide online test series for BITSAT at low costs. (Any test series which you will join will be a bit above the actual BITSAT level - So don’t get tensed after the tests ) .I joined T.I.M.E BITSAT test series . I’m sharing what I learned from this test series -

    Joining a test definitely improved my speed . It gave the real exam-hall experience at home . It used to provide me the exact time spend on each question , time spend on questions which I’ve attempted , not attempted and attempted but with wrong answers. I came to know that “half knowledge is dangerous” . Either you should know the solution and get the correct answer or you shouldn’t read the question at all , just blink and pass the question. For example , if you try attempting a question , you spend 20–30 seconds in reading and understanding the question and then attempt it in another 2 mins but finally you did not get any answer or got the wrong answer , then your 2.5 mins go in vain and if the same thing happens in 10 such questions , then you end up wasting 25 mins in the examination hall. So you should decide that whether to attempt the question or not with just a glance at the question . Trust me , if you’ve prepared well and follow this technique , you’ll surely get a high score in the exam .

    After the tests always refer solutions . You may find some shortcuts about which you had never thought of .

    While taking an online test , practice with as minimum rough work as possible . On the day of BITSAT , you’ll be given a scratch pad for rough work with only 8 small pages - you’ll not get any extra.

    You can tackle any exam and succeed in it if your strategy is good . In exams like JEE and BITSAT , strategy is very important . Follow the above mentioned points . I know you’ll surely succeed.

    Be sure that your doubts are taken care of on time. For doubts checkout Mathematics Solutions For CBSE, ICSE, IIT JEE & CENGAGE Preparation || Doubtnut where you can get your doubts solved instantly.

    Cheers and Love


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