How do I prepare for JEE Advanced 2019 in one month?

  • How do I prepare for JEE Advanced 2019 in one month?

  • You already cleared the Mains exam so it wont be hard for you to clear the advance too if you study for even one month. That’s the first thing to remember.

    Of course i will be giving tips to help you out with it but it depends all on how much work you put in. The more you will work, the closer you will get towards your goal. Also remember not to give up. Many will tell you its impossible, but its not. You cleared Mains, you will clear this one too.

    Now to help you with your preparation,

    Right now keep your NCERT as close as possible. This will keep your basics on the top and it will be easier to study advance things. NCERT will also form your base and make you feel confident if you are thorough with it.
    Solve mock test papers and practice with time management. This will definitely help you in the exam and you won’t worry about time again and again. Also it will cover a large variety of questions.
    Covering a large variety of questions is your priority right now. So consider the Doubtnut app. This is going to help you for sure. They have over 10,00,000 solved mathematical questions and you can clear your doubts with video solutions. So do try it.
    That’s all you can do in the final one month. The key is the mock tests. Do not skip those.

    I hope it helps.

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