What do I do 20 days before the JEE advanced?

  • What do I do 20 days before the JEE advanced?

  • There are over 100 chapters for JEE advanced. Let’s say you are strong at 90 of those. Leave the ones you are not strong at because they will create a problem for you at the end. So let’s focus on the ones you are strong at.

    You have 20 days and 90 chapters. Take the first 15 days for revision so 90 divided by 15 gives 6. So Take 6 chapters everyday. I know that sounds like a lot but you are revising. So it shouldn’t take much of your time. 6 chapters a day, practice the question bank given by your coaching, or go online and practice any question bank you find on the that topic.

    so 15 days are over and you revised all the topics. Try to solve at least one chapter of math everyday because you cannot leave math from your practice. This is important and keep this in mind throughout the revision.

    Once the revision is complete. Start taking the mock tests. The Doubtnut platform is good for the mock test. You can follow your coaching institute mock tests if you want, or go with the Online platform, your call. Both are equally beneficial for you. So complete the mock tests, analyze your speed and performance both. Correct the questions which you couldn’t solve or which you think were too tough. Upload the questions which you do not get on the doubtnut app. It will give you video solutions for your problems.

    In these 5 days you should solve at least 15 mock tests and your score should be goos in all of them. Once you do all this, you can be sure of scoring well.

    Hope it helps.

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