Which book is the best for inorganic chemistry for the JEE?

  • Which book is the best for inorganic chemistry for the JEE?

  • The answer is the NCERT books. The chemistry NCERT books are more than enough for you to clear any competitive exam. Lets break up the syllabus.

    Physical chemistry: The physical chemistry involves mostly numerical but to solve the questions, one will first need to form the base and that is very well done by the NCERT book. So first read your NCERT books and clear all the concepts, form a strong base and then move on to the numerical part. For numerical questions , the NCERT book will not be enough and one will need to solve some extra questions to able to work at the JEE or IIT level.

    Organic chemistry: The NCERT book is enough to study the organic chemistry. All the topic are covered and even the back exercises are good. The only thing that is extra that you will need to do is any good MCQ book that gives you a large question bank and enough practice of the these questions.

    Inorganic chemistry: The NCERT book is completely enough for the Inorganic chemistry. The back exercise is great. The theory is well explained. Concept also becomes strong once you cover your NCERT reading. You will even be able to solve MCQ questions with it.

    So to sum up all the books you need would be: NCERT + Any book with physical chemistry numericals + Any MCQ practice book.

    Hope it helps. Also check the Doubtnut Youtube channel for more helpful advice videos. Doubtnut

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