Is Cengage mathematics enough for the IIT JEE?

  • Is Cengage mathematics enough for the IIT JEE?

  • The cengage publications is great for the mathematics preparation of IIT-JEE.

    The series cover following topics:

    Coordinate geometry
    Vectors and 3D geometry
    These are basically the most important topics of the jee mains and advance both, and the series covers them all. Also the question bank of the books is brilliant. You get a wide variety of questions in these books which cover a large spectrum and increase your confidence, as well as chances of scoring more.

    Also, along with the cengage publications, i would recommend the Arihant Publications as they cover a wide variety of questions too.

    These two books should be enough for your JEE preparation.

    If you have any doubts in any of the questions in mathematics, try the Doubtnut app. It has over 10,00,000 solved mathematical questions. Just click a snap of the question you have doubt in and the app will give you a video solution to the problem.


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