How do I best prepare for the BITSAT in 50 days?

  • How do I best prepare for the BITSAT in 50 days?

  • Bitsat is not an easy exam. You are asking for 2 years of preparation in 50 days, which is really really hard. I won’t say its impossible. It completely depends on you. If you are ready to work hard and stick to the advice i will be giving you, them i think it will be possible.

    So to anyone who asks for the advice, the first thing i tell them is to revise the NCERT books. They are easy to follow and form a strong base and clear all the concepts. You definitely need to study NCERT once before you go into the preparation of any competitive exam.

    Once you are done with the NCERT books, go for mock test series and previous year questions. You will be left with 45 days and practice is the key in BITSAT exam. So it’s best if you can solve as many questions as possible, and as many papers as possible. Do at least 2 papers everyday. And keep in mind, you don’t just have to solve the paper. After the paper, analyze your performance. How you did and where you went wrong. List down your mistakes at the end of the day and correct those. If there is any question that you are not able to solve, just click a pick and upload it on the Doubtnut app. You will receive a video solution of the problem which will be well explained and your problem will be cleared.

    Analyze your time after each exam and try to improve upon it. There is a brilliant mock test series available on the Doubtnut app. It will help you improve your timing and also, cover a wide variety of question bank. If you have been going to any coaching, follow there mock test series too.

    Finally for scoring more, you need a strategy to attempt the exam. I will share that too.

    First try and attempt the mathematics section. If you have practiced well enough, you can solve the section without a lot of trouble. Don’t force yourself though. If you can do it, its fine, otherwise just skip the question. Do not guess. Maths preparation requires a lot of practice and if you have any doubt in any question, try the Doubtnut app. It has over 10,00,000 solved maths questions.
    Give around 45 minutes to maths. Once that is done, come to English and logical reasoning section. Do not give it much time. Logical reasoning questions are easy and do not require much thinking. They are even fun to solve. Then comes the English part. That’s something which no one can help you with. You are on your own.
    After this, go for Chemistry. It does not require much thinking and depends on what you have studied. So prepare well for chemistry. This is going to be your major scoring area.

    Finally comes physics. It requires a lot of thinking and also concentration to solve physics. Its best to solve it when you have finished all other subjects and now you are under no pressure. Just focus on solving the physics questions.
    I hope it helps.

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