What is the best way to study maths for the JEE Advanced?

  • What is the best way to study maths for the JEE Advanced?

  • You score in math not because you studied for it, but instead because you practiced for it. Math has to be practiced everyday if you want to score well in any competitive exam. So the first thing is practice.

    To make things easier, it’s best if you divide the syllabus into 6 slots. I will give you a strategy that makes thing go fast. The basic thing is divide and conquer. Club the similar topics into a single slot and pick and finish a slot at a time.

    Slot 1 - Algebra + Trigo : This slot will include 5 of your major chapters that you need to study.
    quadratic equation
    sequence and series
    trignometeric ratios and identities
    theory of equations
    complex numbers

    Slot 2- Algebra + Coordinate: This slot includes 5 major chapters as well
    Straight lines
    Pair of straight Lines
    Binomial Theorem
    Permutation and combination

    Slot 3 - Trigo + Coordinate: Again, 5 topics
    Trigonometric Equation
    Solution of triangle

    Slot 4 - Calculus + Algebra: Again, 5 topics
    Inverse Trigonometry

    Slot 5 - Calculus: There are 7 topics in this one and its the most important slot
    Continuity and Differentiability
    Methods of differentiation
    Applications of Derivatives
    Applications of Integrals
    Differential Equation

    Slot 6 - Vectors+ Algebra: This one has 6 topics
    Lines and planes
    Binomial Distribution
    Start from slot one and finish all the topics slot wise. This will make things easier and faster. It will also save time and help during your revision.

    Check out the Doubtnut youtube channel for more help.

  • See JEE Math is nothing to be scared of. You just need to do a lot practice to be able to clear the exam. Also, you definitely need an action plan on how to proceed with preparing your math. You cannot follow the wrong books or you will just screw it all up. So it’s good that you asked this question. I will tell you what I did when I prepared.

    NCERT: The first book to go for is definitely your NCERT book. It’s great to form your base and clear your concepts. That’s what you need before you start your practice at a greater level. So first thing to do is solve the complete NCERT book with all the examples and back questions.

    NCERT Exemplar: Assuming you have some time left, you should slowly increase your level. So after completing your NCERT book, it’s best if you go for the Exemplar. The question increase the difficulty just a little bit so that your level also increases a little with it.

    RD Sharma Objectives: I am not talking about the regular RD Sharma book. Go for the objectives book. There are questions of JEE level and this will increase your level to a good point where you can start facing the JEE questions without any problem. Once you are done with this one, move on to the difficult question banks.
    Arihant and Cengage Publications: The arihant and Cengage publications are a little difficult books to follow and you need a lot of concentration and effort to be able to solve them completely. Do go for those books. They are great and will bring you to a good level where you can solve all JEE problems.

    Doubts: There will definitely be doubts when you start solving these books. So do not panic. There are online solutions available for the NCERT and the Cengage Publication books online. Go to Doubtnut. They have over 10,00,000 solved questions on math. This will help you a lot. It’s basically a doubt solving app specifically for this purpose.
    I hope this helps you. All the best

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