Is it tough to score 180 in the JEE Mains How many marks should I target in each subject?

  • Is it tough to score 180 in the JEE Mains How many marks should I target in each subject?

  • It all depends on you. If you want, even scoring 90 would be tough. Generally scoring 180 should not be so tough if you are ready to work hard and be focused. See the following action plan. This should help you to score at least 200 in your exams.

    Chemistry is most important: Which ever subject is your favorite, it does not matter. Chemistry should be your target and main focus. It is the most scoring area and and the questions are also easy. You do not need to think much in these questions. Target for at least 90–100 marks in chemistry alone, because it’s achievable.

    Practice as much math as possible: If you need to score in math, then you need to practice as many questions as possible. Go for the Arihant an Cengage question banks. They have great content. If you have any doubts, go for online doubt solving apps. They are great and really helpful.

    Previous year papers: The more you study, the more you will feel the need to test yourselves. So it’s good if you try to solve some previous year papers to know your current level. This will give you some knowledge of what kind of questions are asked. You can check online solutions to previous year papers to clear your doubts.

    Mock tests: Go for mock tests. These should really boost up your score. Go for online mock tests and analyze your score. Analyze how much time you take and analyze where you went wrong. All this is important and must be done.
    Target big: Scoring 180 is easy. Target scores like 300 or more, and work for that. They can be achieved. All you need is a little hard work and focus. All this should help.

    I hope this answers your question. All the best.

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