How do I score around 330 in BITSAT from scratch in 40 days?

  • How do I score around 330 in BITSAT from scratch in 40 days?

  • BITSAT is not at all an exam that you can prepare from scratch in 40 days. You should have read the NCERT books at least once before you can even try. Hoping that’s the case, i will suggest you some points that might help. Here is a day wise plan.

    First week: In the first week you are only supposed to read your NCERT books. You need to refresh your base once before you can start solving questions on BITSAT level. Remember that NCERT is the key for any competitive exam. You will find most questions targeted on your conceptual knowledge.
    Second week: Solve the previous year papers. There are many types of questions that you might be unfamiliar with. So It’s best if you solve all the previous year papers and be familiar with the pattern and the types of questions they ask. This will give you an edge.
    Third and fourth week: start solving the mock tests. Again, it’s a test of speed and accuracy and you need to solve many mock tests to build those. Keep in mind, after every mock test, note down the questions which you weren’t able to solve or which questions were wrong.
    Fifth week: In the fifth week you need to do the mistake analysis. You need to view all the questions that you noted in the previous step. See which questions you can solve now and the ones which you can’t solve, take a snap of the question and upload it on the Doubtnut platform. You will receive a video solution of the question.
    Last 5 days: There is no point in studying anything new now. So do one thing, pick you NCERT books and read them again. The questions which are still not faced, you need to be able to give them a try and have a chance at solving those. Reading your NCERT books in the final days will help you for the same.
    I hope it helps. All the best.

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