What books did you use for JEE Advanced Maths?

  • What books did you use for JEE Advanced Maths?

  • You do not need to get scared of the JEE Advanced math at all. It all depends on your practice. If you have practiced enough, you will get good marks. That’s a fact. But of course, you need good books for that. Here is what i recommend.

    NCERT: Study your NCERT book completely . That will give you a good strong base and your concepts will be clear enough too. So go for your NCERT book first for any preparation.
    Arihant and Cengage publications: Once the NCERT is done, you need to solve questions at JEE level. So this is the series for you. You can solve the all the books of both the publications and your level will surely go up to the JEE Advance level. Surely, that’s what you want. The topics are divided into different books. Solve all the books if you have to clear the exam.
    ML Khanna and KC Sinha: These books might not be the complete package but these books are good. They are generally pefered by the toppers because of there question banks. So go for these, but do cover the topics which are not covered in these books.
    Doubts: In math, you will surely face a lot of doubts and you might want to clear those out. So go to your guides or teachers and for some reason, if you can’t, try the Doubtnut app. It will surely maek your life much easier.
    I hope this answers your question.

    Also see the following video from Doubtnut for clarity.


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