Which book is good for physics for the JEE Advanced?

  • Which book is good for physics for the JEE Advanced?

  • There are many books available for all the subjects in the market, but surely you need something which you can use to clear your concepts and solve questions at the same time. You also need to read the minimum books and cover the maximum syllabus because many of the aspirants might not have much time. So here is what I recommend:

    The first thing to do is build a base. So for your concepts, follow these books.

    NCERT: The first book to read for any subject is NCERT. It’s great for your concepts and gives you a good knowledge of everything you should know. So start with your NCERT book. Solve all the back exercises too.

    Resnick Halliday: This book is the best in the market when it comes to clearing your concepts of physics. You do a good amount of knowledge when it comes to tackling the JEE Advanced questions. The advanced exam generally mixes 2–3 topics into a single question. Thus you need a good concept to under stand that
    Once you are done with your concepts, you need to solve a lot of questions so that you can have a large questions domain in your brain and also, your thinking spectrum increases. Here are books which i recommend.

    HC Verma: You need to solve your HC Verma problems before you go for the Advanced exam. There you will get questions of all types and level which is a must for you JEE preparation. You cajn get questions as easy as boards level and as difficult as the advanced level. So go for it.

    DC Pandey: Well, this is one book that everyone will recommend you to use to solve a good question bank. Go for this too.
    These 4 books should be enough. Watch this video for more clarity.


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