How can I crack JEE Advanced?

  • How can I crack JEE Advanced?

  • JEE Advanced is not an easy exam. There is so much chaos over this exam, students prepare for it for over 2 years under so much pressure and fear and in many cases, they are still not able to clear the exam. So your first strategy should be to stay away from pressure and stress. That will make things much easier for you. Also try to follow some good advise. So here is a strategy which i think might help.

    Start with your NCERT: Reading your NCERT book is the first step for preparing for any exam. You need to be clear with your concepts and have a good strong base before you can attempt the exam. So NCERT is the key here. Read the book, and then you can proceed.

    Solve the question banks: You need to solve some good question banks before you can reach the JEE Advanced level. My recommendation would be the Arihant and Cengage Publication books for math, DC Pandey and HC Verma for physics. For math there are online solutions available for these books. For any doubts, try the Doubtnut platform.

    Solve previous year papers: After solving the question banks, you are now at the JEE level and you need to do something to make yourself aware of the level of questions in the exam. Solve the previous year papers for that. Try to solve every question there is. Do not leave any question.

    Mock tests: Now it’s time to put your skills to test. Mock tests are the best way to do so. Try solving as many mock tests as you can. They will show you where you stand and what do you need to do if you have to reach the level to score top ranks. Try the online mock tests. They are great and will help you a lot.

    Analyze your mistakes: Once you are done with everything, revisit it. See every small thing you were wrong at and try to correct it. You have to try and learn from your mistakes. You don’t want to loose marks over the same thing.

    Focus on chemistry: Chemistry is the most scoring subject and should not be neglected. It’s easy and does not require a lot of thinking while answering. So try and focus on chemistry a lot.

    Math practice: Do not leave the practice of your math for even a single day. One day gap can cost you big.
    I hope it helps. All the best.

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