Can I crack the JEE Mains maths with RD Sharma?

  • Can I crack the JEE Mains maths with RD Sharma?

  • No. You cannot clear the exam with just the RD Sharma. You need a book that covers your concepts and a book that has questions of JEE level. RD Sharma has both but none in a proper way.

    First to build your concepts, you need to solve the NCERT book. That should give you a good strong base and a deep clarity of the concepts. You will need that for solving any strong book and also for being able to think when you see a question that you haven’t faced before. So study your NCERT first.

    Then go for your RD Sharma if necessary. It provides you practice for the basic questions that you have already done in the NCERT with only a few HIgh order Thinking skill questions. Go for this book only if you think you need some more practice.

    After you have practiced your basics and concepts well, you can start with your JEE level question banks. In my opinion go for the Cengage and Arihant question banks. They are great for preparation of any competitive exam. They will revise your base well and give you a good enough question domain.

    You will surely have doubts when you solve all these books. When you have any doubts, just take a snap of the question and upload it on the Doubtnut app. You will receive a video solution of the question. You can also view the solutions of all these books on the app.

    I hope this helps.

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