How do I prepare for bitsat in a week?

  • How do I prepare for bitsat in a week?

  • BITSAT is not so easy. It cannot be cleared with 7 days of preparation, but even so, if you are willing to try, then you will have to give it maximum time possible.

    Start with your NCERT books. First pick up chemistry. Chemistry is going to get you the maximum marks and it’s easy too. It does not require much of your thinking to solve questions. The questions are straight forward and can be solved with minimum calculations. So give a complete day to chemistry and memorize as much as possible.

    Once that’s done, go for maths. Now maths doesn’t need to be studied from your NCERT because i assume you might have completed that for your boards and you know most of the stuff. Go for the questions on Doubtnut app. They have over 10,00,000 solved questions on maths. That should be enough for your practice. Also give a day for your maths. Then do maths 2 hours every day. You cannot leave your math practice even for a day. You need to keep doing it regularly or else, you loose concept and you will be confused in exam.

    Physics needs deep study. So i don’t think you can complete it in 3–4 days of study. So go only for important questions and concepts. Do not miss out on the topics which are repeatedly asked in the exam. Take a day for this and cover as much as possible.

    So 3 days passed and you are left with 4 days. Go for previous year papers, arihant BITSAT book and online mock test papers. Solve at least 3 papers everyday and analyze your mistakes and time after each paper. once you analyze your mistakes, see the solution for those questions on the Doubtnut platform. You will get video solutions to all questions.

    And most important, do not panic for any of these days.

    Hope it helps.

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