What are the best things about IIT Bombay?

  • What are the best things about IIT Bombay?

  • Some of the highlights about IITB are:

    • The night view from Powai lake (a huge lake which supplies water to most parts of Mumbai) is simply spectacular.

    • Mumbai being a top city, has insane traffic and pollution. Thank God! Inside campus has a calm atmosphere with hi-fi stuff. With trees on both sides of the roads, one can feel a nature around them.

    • Good playgrounds for each hostel, common indoor games hall, swimming pool, squash court, Gymkhana what not!

    • Food is awesome in most hostels with hygienic food. Breakfast is not to be missed!!

    • Internet and WiFi? I need not tell. Many ports are blocked though! 😄

    • What is IIT Bombay without good education? The best library which one can ask for. Good care taken by professors, outstanding placements, innumerable career opportunities and fun filled cultural activities every now and then with true personal, physical as well as mental growth.

    • There is an arch (where, the echo resounds) near the Civil Engineering department with inscription “gyanam paramam dhyeyam” (Knowledge is the Supreme Goal) which is the motto of IITB.

    All the best !!!

  • In 1958 UNESCO and Soviet Union provided the funding to establish this great institute we know, IIT Bombay. UNESCO agreed on providing all the required equipments and technology support, and Soviet Union offered the expert which would actually help them set up the equipment received, while Indian government took charge for all other expenses like cost for building development and recurring expenses.

    IIT Bombay is expanded in the area 550 acers, and it is situated in the Powai region, in the east of Bombay. The institute is very nearby the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, students here have a great view of nature along, they witness a great mighty green cover, which could only be described as the delight for the eyes, and this green cover makes it one of the most beautiful places to be in. the campus includes a hockey ground, a football stadium and a cricket ground along with two swimming pool.

    Over the last 53 years, around 39,000 engineers and scientists have graduated from the institute. Educational programmes include physical sciences, engineering, humanities and social sciences such as Economics, English, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology and into management studies. Over the years, the institute has also created a niche for its innovative short-term courses through continuing education and distance education programmes.

    IIT Bombay has 15 departments, 20 multi-disciplinary centres, 1 school of excellence and 4 interdisciplinary programs. The academic departments in IIT Bombay include the following:

    • Aerospace Engineering
    • Biosciences and Bioengineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Chemistry
    • Civil Engineering
    • Computer Science & Engineering
    • Earth Sciences
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Energy Science and Engineering
    • Humanities & Social Science
    • Mathematics
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science
    • Physics
    • Industrial Design Centre

    The following multi-disciplinary centers are located in IIT Bombay:

    • Application Software Centre (ASC)
    • Centre for Research in Nanotechnology and Science (CRNTS)
    • Centre for Aerospace Systems Design and Engineering (CASDE)
    • Computer Centre (CC)
    • Centre for Distance Engineering Education Programme (CDEEP)
    • Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE)
    • Centre for Policy Studies (CPS)
    • Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering (CSRE)
    • Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA)
    • Centre for Formal Design and Verification of Software (CFDVS)
    • Centre for Urban Science and Engineering (C-USE)
    • Desai Sethi Centre for Entrepreneurship (DSCE)
    • IITB-Monash Research Academy
    • National Centre for Aerospace Innovation and Research (NCAIR)
    • National Center of Excellence in Technology for Internal Security (NCETIS)
    • National Centre for Mathematics (NCM)
    • Parimal and Pramod Chaudhari Center for Learning and Teaching (PPCCLT)
    • Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility (SAIF)
    • Tata Center for Technology and Design (TCTD)
    • Wadhwani Research Centre for Bioengineering (WRCB)

    IIT Bombay faculty takes up industrial sponsored research and consultancy projects and their recent collaboration with Aeronautical Development Agency has boost up the standards of their aerospace program, and even before that IIT Bombay was one of the best institute which was providing India with the best aerospace engineers.

    According to NIRF ranking for 2019-2020 session IIT Bombay was in the top three institutes, so if you get a chance to study in such prestigious college, I will suggest you to go for it.

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