How can a dropper get an under 500 rank for the JEE Advanced?

  • How can a dropper get an under 500 rank for the JEE Advanced?

  • There is one complete year with you to prepare for the JEE advanced exam. You just need to do the right things and follow the right material and you can clear the exam well. Getting a rank under 500 is kind of a big thing. You need a lot of study for that. You cannot do that without studying for at least 8 hours a day. So better be ready to work and give it your all. Here is something which I recommend you can do.

    Read the NCERT books: The first thing to do is to clear your base and build up your concepts. Reading the NCERT books is the way to do so. You need to be thorough with your NCERT books if you want to start your JEE preparation.
    Solve good question banks: Once you are done with building up a good base, all you need to do is start solving good question banks that have questions at JEE level. I would recommend you the Arihant and Cengage Publication books for math, DC Pandey and HC Verma books for physics. Stick to your NCERT books for chemistry.

    Solving previous year papers: There are a lot of websites that will provide you with solved previous year papers. You need to check them out. You cannot leave any question in the previous year papers. All are necessary to solve. Try Doubtnut. You will get solved previous year papers with explanation there.

    Mock test papers: Once you are done with previous year papers, you are already JEE level and you can clear the exam. So all you need to do now is focus on practicing your papers. The more you will practice, gradually the score will increase and you will soon reach a good enough level.

    Analyze your mistakes: After you give any exam, you should go analyze your mistakes. You need to know what you did wrong and what were the mistakes that you made. So always analyze your mistakes after each exam. You do not want to make same mistakes in the main exam.

    I hope this helps you. In my opinion this strategy should be eniough.

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