How do I score 100 100 in maths class 12 CBSE board?

  • How do I score 100 100 in maths class 12 CBSE board?

  • I score 95 in maths in 2017 board exam. I don’t know if my advice can get you a sanctum, but sure, this should get you 95+ marks in your exam. I will tell you a preparation strategy and along with it, a strategy to revise and then attempt your paper too. So here goes.

    Preparation strategy

    The first thing to do when you prepare math for your class 12 board exams is that you need to solve your NCERT book completely. That’s the first step. But if you have seen the papers after 2015, they have all been really hard. In 2015, the average marks of the math exam was very low. So you need to study books apart from your NCERT too.

    Go for the NCERT exemplar first. You need to score good in the exam then NCERT exemplar is your book. It will raise your level slowly and will give you enough amount of practice. So go for it.

    After that you need to solve the RD Sharma. After clearing your base you will need to have a lot of practice and RD Sharma will help you with that.

    When you are solving all these books, you need something that can solve your Doubts. There will always be some questions that you might not be able to solve. So if you face a question like that, just take a snap of that question and upload it on the Doubtnut app. You will receive a video solution of the question.

    Revision strategy

    Well here is the thing, you cannot solve all the books again within the small time frame that you have for the revision in the final 5 days. So you need a revision strategy where you can quickly go through all the concepts.

    So take up the NCERT book and read all the important formulas and solved all the marked important questions. This way you don’t have to solve all the books and the important questions will be covered as well.

    Attempt strategy

    When you attempt the exam, you do not want to be beaten by time. So you need to attempt the questions which carry the maximum marks first. So it’s always best if you attempt the paper from back. This way you cover the questions with maximum marks first and all the others at he end.

    Remember, you do not want to confuse the teacher who checks your paper. So try and solve the questions from behind in serial order. Don’t do questions from between randomly. He might get irritated and give you less marks. Or maybe one of your question stays unmarked. Anything can happen.

    So stick to this strategy. This should give you above 95 marks in your exams. I hope it helps.

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