How did the JEE Advanced 2019 question paper surprise you?

  • How did the JEE Advanced 2019 question paper surprise you?

  • The MATH section.

    This year’s paper saw the math section which was really difficult to solve and very lengthy. The paper was being made by IIT Roorkee, so some difficult math was expected, but here it was at a totally different level.

    They actually focused on just testing the concepts of the students this year in all three subject. Each year, there are a few questions in all three subjects, that an average student of board level can solve. But this year, i think they eliminated those questions and just made the paper to test the concepts.

    In physics, half of the questions were from mechanics. One need some good conceptual knowledge to be able to solve the mechanics questions. Half the questions were concept based and a few were application based as well. Students had to think a lot while solving the questions. But if there was a clarity of concepts, the difficulty of the paper should have been just moderate.

    Chemistry was the easiest and most scoring in all three subjects. However, in paper 2, the level for chemistry was increased too. The questions started becoming a little tricky.

    Overall the paper was moderately difficult and i expect that the cut off will be around 80 marks.

    The surprising part of the paper was math, and that the question which are generally there for average students, weren’t there.

    In a day or 2, the Doubtnut app will upload the complete solved paper. You can view the solutions and see how difficult the exam really was.

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