How was the JEE Advanced 2019 Maths paper?

  • How was the JEE Advanced 2019 Maths paper?

  • The JEE Advanced 2019 paper math was really tough and lengthy. The overall level of difficulty for the paper was just moderate, but the math section was super lengthy and tough. When IIT Roorkee was preparing the paper, it was expected that math would be tough, but this wasn’t the expected level.

    They tried to test the depth of concepts with every question. In both the papers 1 and 2, the math section was the toughest. However, in paper 2, the math got a little easier.

    The maximum questions were from class 12th syllabus.

    Soon the solutions will be uploaded on the Doubtnut app. You can check the key there. All the solutions for math will be available there. You will get a better idea about the difficulty, once you see the answer key.

    I hope it helps.

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