Which college can I get with an expected score of 124 in JEE Advanced 2019?

  • Which college can I get with an expected score of 124 in JEE Advanced 2019?

  • First of all congratulations! You are going to clear one of the toughest exams in our country. That’s something great to achieve.

    Now talking about how you did and your rank.

    Well honestly, 124 is not a very good score. Your rank will be somewhere around 8000. That rank will help you to clear the cut off for most of the IITs, that’s for sure, but i don’t think that will get you the branch that you want. That’s a big problem.

    You are going to get a branch like the metallurgy or the mining engineering in some IIT which does not have a very good scope in the future.

    Here is a list of IITs with there opening and closing ranks. This should give you an idea of what this year’s cut off is going to be like.

    IIT Bombay

    opening rank - 1

    closing rank - 4018

    IIT BHU Varanasi

    Opening rank - 696

    Closing rank - 7376

    IIT Delhi

    Opening rank - 7

    Closing rank - 4669

    IIT Guwahati

    Opening rank - 366

    Closing rank - 6578

    IIT Gandhinagar

    Opening rank - 2121

    Closing rank - 6299

    IIT Hyderabad

    Opening rank - 632

    Closing rank - 5342

    IIT Indore

    Opening rank - 1388

    Closing rank - 4446

    IIT Jodhpur

    Opening rank - 1336

    Closing rank - 6895

    IIT Kanpur

    Opening rank - 40

    Closing rank - 5722

    IIT Kharagpur

    Opening rank - 180

    Closing rank - 8430

    IIT Chennai

    Opening rank - 32

    Closing rank - 5819

    IIT Mandi

    Opening rank - 2486

    Closing rank - 5146

    IIT Patna

    Opening rank - 2819

    Closing rank - 6190

    IIT Ropar

    Opening rank - 1276

    Closing rank - 4152

    IIT Roorkee

    Opening rank - 614

    Closing rank - 9290

    ISM Dhanbad

    Opening rank - 2845

    Closing rank - 7222

    So by this, you an idea of how the last year was , how much rank could you afford and scoring an 8000 rank will give you what IITs.

    You will get into some IIT, that’s for sure but the only problem you are going to face is the branch that you get.

    I hope this helps.

    Watch this video from Doubtnut. You will get a better idea.


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