What is the rank of 168 marks in the JEE Advanced 2019?

  • What is the rank of 168 marks in the JEE Advanced 2019?

  • Well this year’s paper was super tough. It is believed to be the toughest yet. Almost comparable to the mighty 2016 paper.

    So that being said, I think the marks vs rank trend for the year 2016 should be followed this year too. But there is one thing that might pose a problem. The negative marking for this year’s paper was -1 instead of -2. This will increase the competition and your rank might become bad. This is going to be a major factor.

    First, lets take a look at the 2016 marks vs rank trend.

    So scoring 168 would have meant a rank around 1750. Which would be great. But if we take the second factor into play here, your rank must be around 2200–2500. That’s a really great rank. Congrats. You will be getting into an IIT.But anyways, nothing can be said for sure here. The change of pattern has made it kind of unpredictable. But anyways, in my opinion, your rank should be close to 2200. I hope this helps.

    Watch this video. It will give you a better idea.

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